Outdoor Kitchen Styles are as individual as the landscapes they Star in. In the world of Outdoor Entertainment, you’ll want an exceptionally talented Kitchen performance. The right style kitchen can make the difference. We live in Portland – we Eat! And, when we can “get outside and eat too,” even better! Today’s outdoor kitchen lifestyles come in as many shapes and sizes as the cooks themselves.


Don’t mess with a man and his grill, right? A Grill Island can help make barbecuing extra sweet. Like the Grill Master of this family, whose idea was just that – a covered structure for his grill! Once he & his wife started cooking up ideas, a Bar Island was added to the recipe! And then, and then, well go on and and see what more they added!  https://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio_item/thompson-property/

Not all Grill Islands include a kitchen sink! Or elaborate covered structures. Pop into these Outdoor Kitchen Grills you like for more Ideas… You’ll find them in our Gallery of works @ https://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/

Other Families opt for the full 10 course meal so to speak in Outdoor Kitchen Styles. Enjoy an Outdoor Kitchen Style tour….





Happy Valley Landscape



Outdoor Kitchens Styles have caught on!

There are many landscape designs with grill islands – little outdoor mini-kitchens or full feature kitchens with every amenity. They have counter and serving space, bar stools and dining tables – perfect for family meals or sharing meals with guests – Outdoors where all the fun and activity is.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the landscapes we’ve chosen for this outdoor kitchen blog – We have many gorgeous designs in our portfolio and most with kitchens.  We welcome your visit @https://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/  Contact us for a complimentary consultation @https://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

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