Outdoor Kitchens in Landscape Design

Remember camping?  My sister loved to build the best ‘camp kitchen’ possible. Yes, the great outdoors surrounded us but she made sure at-home convenience was right at our finger tips when we cooked a meal.  Those memories are unforgettable.  I think of modern day ‘camp kitchens’ now called ‘outdoor kitchens’ in landscape design.  They too are memory builders for families.  Many of us with busy parent and kid schedules rarely get to break away to camp sites.  Outdoor living enjoyment has found a niche a few steps from our back doors. Fireplaces, fire pits, ponds and spas – provide many of the elements of camping long ago, and what of the best camp kitchens?  They are right outside the backdoor too!

Outdoor kitchens are popular.  Whether grilling steaks or serving up skewered hotdogs, the convenience of being able to grab utensils, condiments, plates and beverages cannot be minimized.  Gone are the days of Dad at the grill and Mom running inside to the kitchen to grab what he needs!  Outdoor kitchens are equipped to have what Dad needs on hand.  Moms and wives can be part of the fun – relaxing with family and building memories. Okay, so moms and wives may still be making trips, but cooking al fresco feels more like a pleasure and less like a chore!

Dependent on the landscape, outdoor kitchens can be close to the back entrance or in gazebo structures a few steps away.  Some are built into poolscapes, part of fireplace patios with seat walls, and many boast pizza ovens for extra family fun. An increasing number of outdoor living spaces incorporate outdoor kitchens. They provide the taste factor to heighten our senses when creating memories. And the meals you can make!  Many of these outdoor kitchens mirror indoor kitchen convenience!

Let’s face it, we have to eat! And a big part of life is the family meal.  It feels good to be able to unwind and refresh in our own landscapes! Inviting a group of friends or family members to join you in dining outdoors is reminiscent of camping.  The guys play cribbage near the fireplace; the gals add the extra touches to ‘what’s cooking’.  Having a user-friendly outdoor kitchen makes it so much more enjoyable.

Think back over the last year to each meal you’ve shared outside . . . who you were with and some of the outstanding memories. It’s no wonder outdoor living spaces are built around outdoor kitchens.  We invite you to look over some of our favorites  . . . http://www.pinterest.com/restoreparadise/outdoor-kitchens/

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