Outdoor Kitchens Turn Up The Heat

Come and get it!

These Hot Outdoor Kitchens Turn Up The Heat in Landscape Design offering more flavor than ever!

Since the Stone Ages we’ve been cooking outside . . . and it hasn’t lost its appeal.

Outdoor entertainment has countless choices with plunge pools, custom spas, elaborate fire features and even drop down movie screens. But what brings atmosphere to the party? Food and liquid refreshment! We’re human, we eat! Isn’t that the point of moving your kitchen outdoors?

Outdoor Kitchens are here to stay and they’re sizzlin’ hot, hot, hot. So let’s get this party started – If you can’t take the heat . . . Get out of the Outdoor Kitchen!

Outdoor Kitchen in Landscape Design

You’d have to be completely ‘clue-less’ not to be awed by this spectacular Outdoor Kitchen with ample lighting, custom wood ceiling with heaters, kitchen appliances, and storage too! This roomy outdoor bar seats six. Can you say, ‘Bar Heaven’? Extra room for a large group and she’ a beaut!

The special lighting has fun color options. What cook can resist the tiered counters with loads of space? 2 Sinks, 2 TV’s, counters to die for . . . and this little lady of the kitchen has perfected making pizza in her wood-fired pizza oven.

The rounded stone windows add charm and ventilation. A firepit near the kitchen adds character and ambiance. See why we say this Outdoor Kitchen Turns Up The Heat? It’s Smokin’ Hot!

Wastin’ Away in Margaritaville

Tropical Outdoor Kitchen

Finding your lost shaker of salt should be a breeze in this tropical outdoor kitchen

tropical kitchen jokeIt might not be Aruba, but it’s a close second. Belly up to the pool bar for the game; it seats 6. The two tiered counter keeps food service and prep apart. The wall island hosts loads of counter and storage space. A retractable awning makes full-sun a choice for you and your guests.

This Outdoor Kitchen serves as a fully-equipped Outdoor Living Bar and serving station. Two built-in ice buckets in each island keeps soda,water, and other beverages ice-cold. Cerveza anyone? Not a beer drinker? A built in outdoor wine cooler is sure to please those who prefer a glass of vino. Swim-up bar stools are also located near the kitchen bar for pool service, chit-chat, and TV view.

At the other end of the kitchen, a grill island with plenty of gadget storage is located. No man is an island and we are not isolating the chef, however, it keeps smoke and sizzle away from guests, but not too far. Food is part of the fun! Night lighting adds even more sizzle to hot summer nights.

This Is How We Do it – Kitchen Swank

Outdoor Kitchen in Landscape Design

Swank? Yes Swank: stylishly luxurious and expensive. This Galley Outdoor Kitchen w/Every Amenity is a pièce de résistance. The stylish Gazebo boasts custom wood ceilings and skylights. The amenities are numerous with Two Grills, Oven, Trash Compactor, Kitchen Sink, Rotisserie, Storage Space, and Counters galore!

The up-to-date gazebo design with accent lighting displays high standards of comfort. This everything-at-your-fingertips outdoor kitchen sits next to the elegant water feature with sheer descent. Bar guests have the added luxury of a peaceful waterfall serenade while enjoying their meal.

A Bar Star – Outdoor Kitchen Style

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

We can’t say enough about bars in outdoor kitchen design. They are becoming a fundamental design element. The Brehm’s compact backyard is an Entertainment Bar. Yes, it boasts a firepit and living area, but the focal point of the landscape design is the kitchen Bar! With 8 bar stools for guys and gals to hang out together, you can imagine the gathering here.  Want a bars-eye view? Click the photo to get ideas or check out 20 other Bars in Landscapes below.

What is the best Recipe for your Outdoor Kitchen?

If you were creating an outdoor kitchen in your landscape, what would you add to turn up the heat? With the explosion of outdoor kitchens and products in the last 10 years comes homeowner choices. Where is the optimal place for a kitchen in your landscape? Big and fancy, or small and compact? Gazebo or Pergola? DYI or design plan? So many choices to cook up the best recipe for your family and property.  What kind of ingredients do you want?

  • A Prep surface
  • Grill
  • Food storage
  • Refrigerator
  • Pizza oven
  • Bar
  • Lighting
  • Pavilion or trellis
  • Ceiling fan
  • Television
  • Seating

Before you you start cookin’ up your outdoor kitchen recipe, go to the experts. Let’s ask one, The Outdoor Living Guy:

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