Outdoor Living Design Reveal – 2017 – James

Welcome to an Outdoor Living design reveal in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Portland. These prominent homes overlooking the city wind through the hills displaying striking house fronts. It’s fun to drive by them to see the many styles, interesting architecture, the old, new and grand designs.  It makes you wonder what the backyards are like.  That’s why this design reveal of the James property is particularly interesting.

This modern style home on the hill has three levels. It’s backyard access is by way of a staircase that leads down to the lower deck. Although the home has upper patios to take in the view, the James made a decision to renovate the lower deck nearest the lawn. Access through sliding glass doors off their office and master bedroom, made it particularly handy for their dogs to connect with nature.


Deciding to renovate an existing deck and steep outdoor stairway, this ingenious couple collaborated with our design team to create a Stairway to Haven.

And, Haven it is! You don’t cut corners when it comes to styling the inside of your home, and as you can see, this artistic duo chose to continue their flair into the landscape. From the magnificent front entry, down the aesthetically pleasing outdoor staircase to an inviting deck, this outdoor living design truly heightened the beauty of the exterior.

The clean lines of the fireplace and concrete staircase to the lower patio play a crucial role in developing this tranquil retreat. Everyone loves a space that embodies relaxation. The science of clean-lines in this outdoor haven affects one’s mood in a calming way.

Portland, OR – Arlington Heights, 2017

Arlington Heights is a neighborhood in Portland of grand houses and some of the city’s most renowned parks

Enjoy the reveal: Click the photo to tour the finish line . . .

We’ve added some before and during construction images of the property for your perusal as well.

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