Rewind 2019

We’re so excited – and we just can’t hide it – go ahead and lose control ‘cuz we know you’ll like it!  Like it? Yes!  A Year of Outdoor Living Design Masterpieces!

And the nutcases (JK) we call “Our Team” – the talented, behind the scenes, press-on-to-make-it-happen, BRILLIANT Paradise Team needs some serious PAT-ON-THE-BACK Action!

Our Homeowners: Thanks for Making Us Your Design/Build Team

Our Designers whose Inherent Gifts seem endless:

We Love, Love love our Magnificent Designers. They are the salt to our pepper, the honey to our bees . . . Their designs transport us into fabulous “never before seen landscapes.”

We should have zillions of photos – them measuring landscapes, chit-chatting with homeowners to fulfill their outdoor dreams-capes. Nope, see the profile, but, more photos of designers coming in 2020! Homeowner comments:  “The design was both simple and elegant,” “The design came back better than I could have ever imagined,” “They seemed to know exactly what I was wanting while staying within my budget.”


Our Crews Rocked It in 2019 – Hardworking Skillful Craftsman – Hat’s Off Too You!

Oh you Guys! You amazing, just-keep-going, just-keep-building artisans. Is there anything you can’t build?

Homeowners: “The workers were both professional and easy to work with.”  “Their crew is always professional and polite, and always on time.” “It comes down to implementation, and I would especially like to call out the crew for their vision, insight and workmanship. Continually making adjustments and ensuring quality.”

Okay, okay, yes, more photos of these fabulous guys in 2020, too! Camera shy and hard at work, they are not posers . . .

Our Support Staff Who Shoulder the Brunt Of The Biz: Nicely Done Troubleshooters!

At the end of the day, if anything goes haywire – Who ya going blame: The Staff! But we’d like to give a shout out to a great team!

Thank you for all your extra-hard work!



A look back @ a Dozen Incredible Landscape Designs from start to finish – All in 2019 . . . Great work Team Paradise

A dozen of our finest in 2019: Martinez, DuChene, Stocker, Satchwell, Folske, Forest, Gilbert, Modern Pergola, Mycka, Carey, Whitaker, & Fishel. These landscapes and homeowners are forever part of the PR Family. See the before, design, during and after construction in each portfolio. We think they are pretty amazing and know the homeowners will have loads of wonderful times & memories in them for years to come.

Needs no Intro:

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Another great 2019 Video For DIY-ers from the Outdoor Living Guy, Micah Dennis

DYI Video Movie theatre

Well 2019, Over & Out, Farewell, Bye-Bye, Later Gator, Adios Amigos . . .

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It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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