Outdoor Living Room – Got Yours?

3D Landscape Design“Outdoor Living” is still trending. As a landscape blogger, there’s not too many ways left to say . . . Outdoor Living Room, Got Yours?

Staring at the keyboard today, I wondered, “Didn’t I just write these very words?” After a quick hunt, aha, yes I did. The blog, ‘Outdoor Living Spaces’ pretty much spells out the ‘why’ in having an outdoor living room. Give it a quick once over (it’s actually pretty good info).

So now what? In this blog, thought I’d save us my yackity-yack by using photos and videos to give you ideas for outdoor living rooms. Now we’re rolling – no problem – we got this.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Putting the Fun in Function

Nothing like having a go-to spot when entertaining guests; outdoor living rooms are where it’s at. They are the spoke in your backyard living. After you build the room you can add all kinds of elements to entertain a mix of ages. Take a look at this functional backyard with an added fun-factor:


Smaller version, same song and dance. Much the same as the backyard above, in this compact landscape you’ll see a whole lot of living’ space going on . . . That’s why a landscape designer is so important… they can fit it all into one cohesive design plan that’s just right for you and your family.

You’ll Enjoy this quick ‘Outdoor Living Space’ YouTube Video from the Outdoor Living Guy:

Wide Spaces & Kids Places

The next three properties have plenty of elbow room. Family entertaining is about adults, teens, and kids all having room to grow in – together. In each living space, you can visualize a large group with many ages having a great time and not steppin’ on each others toes.

North-side of Portland

South Side of Portland

City View of Portland

As you can see these outdoor living rooms are Hubs for backyard activities – all connected to one another. And, we’re a wee bit sorry to show off these big beautiful backyards. They’re pretty awesome and yet not everyone has this kind of space. Hopefully you had your idea-magnet-mindset engaged and picked up a few ‘must have” ideas.

Wanna explore some smaller, super cool outdoor living rooms? Eeeck, I guess I overdid it! 25 Outdoor Living Rooms. I’ve paired two shots of each property to show them off a bit better. Also, no captions . . .  the details are in the photos.

On your mark, get set:

Landscape Overload?

Whew… it’s always the same for me . . . that’s a lot of landscape eye candy! So many details, elements, ideas. Those of you who still have some go power – head for our portfolio for more brain overload! Or another great way to get the best ideas for an outdoor living room, Paradise Restored, Outdoor Living Guy YouTube Videos.

Once you are ready to take the plunge – We’re here to help.  After all, our designers came up with the designs for the beautiful backyards you’ve been scrolling through. Contact us for a complimentary consultation @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

That’s a wrap Portland

Thanks for popping in Portland!

Head outside! Spring is trying to spring-loose from winters’ clutches!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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