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When it comes to Backyard Living, there are Design Star wannabes and Design Star Masters. What does design have to do with backyards? Everything. Outdoor Living Space Ideas have come a long way Baby. They’ve come the furthest over the years – than any other area of your home. Stepping out the backdoor into unique, livable outdoor rooms takes thoughtful planning . . . design planning, that is.


Our Landscape Reveal this week shows just how important design can be in a backyard makeover. Taking a tired-overgrown lawn+shrubs+trees and transforming them into a useable outdoor family room . . . doubles your living space. Below, the development from exhausted backyard, to design plan, to finished outdoor living space:


blog pictureWhat’s cozier than your inside living room?

Your Outdoor Living Room! One that looks and feels as good as the inside.  The proof is in the people. Where do they head for cozy comfort? Out the back door! Where fresh air mixed with grill smells are part of the draw. Spread out and get your relax on. Invite friends, family, neighbors. The Satchwell makeover is fabulous and well worth getting a party started . . . click into the portfolio and be sure to check out the ‘during construction’ photos under the gallery slider to watch the start to finish.

Ready, get Set . . . Reveal

Outdoor Living Room Design

2nd Reveal – Design Star Master

The second reveal in Outdoor Living Space Ideas is the finish-line results of the Gilberts Property. Wowie – Zowie! A must-see-to-believe!

Excited for More? You Got It:

Design Plans = Unique, Livable Outdoor Spaces

Let’s go back, to the beginning of this blog. Remember how we said, Outdoor Living Space Ideas have come a long way from ‘Your Mama’s Backyard’ . . . (kinda, sorta, in a few different words?) We hope you can see the results design plans make in outdoor living.

Idea Seekers: our Portfolio has over 140 properties with backyard design ideas you won’t believe and our YouTube videos show the how & what to make ’em happen.

Want help with Ideas: Collaborate with one of our Designers: Contact Us and we’ll hook you Up with a complimentary consultation.

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Outdoor Living Room Design

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