Outdoor Living Structures – Attached/Detached?

To attach, or not to attach, that is the question. Have you ever considered what’s best for your landscape? Probably not. Since the explosion of Outdoor Living, Covered Structures should be a first consideration. Let’s investigate, shall we? “A picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll cut the chit-chat in favor of examining ‘real-life’ Covered Structures. Afterall, other homeowners have already gone through the process and made a choice. Good plan, eh?

Attached Covered Structures

If you want to extend your homes’ living area, an attached covered structure might be right up your alley. The Smith Family decided on one. The roofing material and supporting structure blend seamlessly with the house and the newly added french doors provide easy access. Plenty of extra space and light . . . plenty of get-your-outside-happy-on. Incredible Before & After . . .

Ya wanna move on? Didn’t I say less chat – more action? With these next attached covered structures, click the image to tour the property. Below, see a great space right out the sliding back door. A Man-cave living area with grill kitchen and bar.

Outdoor Living Space

This attached room at the side of the house has a louvered awning rooftop to let in the sunshine or protect from showers. Easy access from outside or inside.

Louvered Awning in Landscape Design

“We’ve got you Covered”  is the title of this attached outdoor room and living space.  Take a tour – it’s amazing.Outdoor Living Landscape Design

Another design out the sliding backdoor – beautiful with easy access to the sunken spa.

Gazebo, In-ground-Spa, Water Feature

We are awed by the Finch Family property transformation. An attached covered structure across the entire backside of the home. Notice the pergola over the spa for stargazing, the living area, top of the line outdoor kitchen, and fan lighting with skylights too. All a few steps out the sliding backdoor. Awesome.

Under Deck Living is also becoming popular. Attached to the home, they become beautiful rooms a few steps from inside.

under deck living room

We like the lines of this A-Frame attached cover in the Jamieson property. Clean design out the backdoor with kitchen sink thrown in for convenience!

Like undercover and outside space? Have them both. Fireplace and firepit areas Rock! Thanks Wheelers – no wonder your landscape gets so many hits on Pinterest!

Landscape Design

And we love, love, love this huge outdoor bar-kitchen and living area. The attached covered structure packs a punch in close quarters. A two-thumbs up to Paradise Restored designers who worked with the Brehm’s on this small backyard design. Can you see yourself in this cozy-got-it-all living space?

If the example below is what outdoor living is all about – sign me up! Gorgeous! View Bar, Living Room with Fireplace . . . watch the Outdoor Living Guy for info on this attached covered structure design. It’s quick and informative.

Wood Burning & Gas Fire Pits

Detached Outdoor Living Structures

We are partial to detached covered structures. Amble through our portfolio and you’ll see many variations. Of course, we are going to show off a few right now and a video on why we like ’em. Quick reasons why detached covered structures are a good choice. Our homeowners must think so too.


As Micah Dennis just mentioned in the above video… One last view of covered structures with pergolas too! They are undoubtedly beautiful – offering full shade and comfort with partial sun and light. Visit the properties: Shriver, Bissell, and Roscoe to see how well these pergola/gazebos work in landscape design.

Whew, that’s a wrap!

Thanks for joining us for this insider investigation into Outdoor Living Structures – Attached/Detached . . . Need advice, ideas, or helpful collaborators? Contact us for a complimentary consultation @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

We can help put your goals into a successful plan of action!

Until next week Portland, Get Outside!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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