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Outdoor Patio Design – Part One will have us on a video tour of 7 properties finished during 2020. Wait – there’s more to come in Outdoor Patio Design – Part Two. We knew 7 properties would be sensory-overload-to-the-max but hopefully you’ll be able to make it through these amazing transformations. Don’t give up – we saved some incredible landscapes for the last reveals . . . Our designers, construction crews, office staff . . . love Outdoor Patio Design and these videos show it off big time. Let’s get started:

#1 Huffner Reveal

What if you had a one level mid century sprawling ranch on almost an acre of level ground with a fantastic floor plan (separate master wing), 3 bedrooms – a guest house, 5 car garage . . . with private entrance off of Lynnridge (One of Portland’s finest neighborhoods) – – –  and decided to move for a closer proximity to work? Sound a bit crazy?

That’s the story of these had-it-so-good homeowners. After touring the market, not-a-thing was as impressive as home-sweet-home. So they stopped the insanity. The good ending to the story? They decided to create one of the incredible Outdoor Living Spaces they’d been seeing all over town.

It’s a keeper – for sure and was designed with their home’s style in mind thanks to the ingenious landscape designers at Paradise Restored. There is nothing more important than a professional landscape design plan when it comes to premium covered structureshardscaping, stone fireplaces, gas firepits, and house-matching outdoor kitchens, w/huge bar & grill islands. The PR designers are talented experts who take your good ideas and create beyond-belief design plans.

Call it a Backyard Makeover, Remodel, or a Transformation . . . You won’t believe your Before-&-After Eyes.

#2 Boaz Bar Landscape Design

An outdoor living, kitchen, and bar landscape from the Boaz family’s perspective. They had the idea to add a bar behind the firepit seatwall and together with the designers plan, they came up with a winner. Of course, you can’t deny the focal point fireplace as another standout. And, looking around at each feature individually as well as collectively – the space is exceptional.

Having a kids-bar behind the firepit, in close proximity to the grill, kitchen counters and refrigerators is a win-win for the parents. Adding a couple bar-stools at the end of the kitchen bar-counter gives chefs and food prep workers a place to take a breather. Outdoor living is about R&R in the backyard, not slaves to the kitchen . . . so give your friends places to sit and revive themselves. (Add good food, drink, and company)

The large and extraordinary firepit is a must-have for guests and family alike. These long seatwalls with seatbacks make extra room at any gathering. They can also be used to hold belongings. In this landscape, extra firepit chairs were added with side tables for beverages. The smores station is also a fun element. Don’t forget: cushy-comfy pillows & blankets for chilly nights – they’re always welcome.

We love the skylights and high ceiling of the attached covered structure. Our homeowners chose to cover 1/2 the outdoor living space and leave the firepit side open for sunny days and star gazing at night. They felt a more open skyline would increase light to the home and also considered the family dog who likes to sun-bathe. Good Choice Boaz family.

Happy Times to You all! Who knew when you were coming up with Outdoor Bar Ideas you’d imagine a sure-fire keeper!

#3 Edwards’ – Entry Transformation & Turf all Round

Join in on the Edwards’ satisfaction with an all synthetic turf backyard. All-around is part of the design, ease of maintenance is key. First – for the family outdoor living space the lawn is a big thumbs up as a family playground – secondly, the family dogs have a perfect potty pit-stop. Alleviating lawn maintenance duties – as well as muddy paw prints were an important consideration when these smart homeowners met with designers to transform their property.

Their entrance-way and access to the front of the home was also crucial in the design plan. This possibly should have been entitled, ‘Stairway to Heaven Landscape’ as the stairway is a masterpiece. The before & after of this driveway area is astounding . . . nice work homeowners, designers, and construction crews. (See Before & Construction photos)

From the stairway, the front lawn looks immaculate and yet – it’s another area for kids’ play. Following the deck around, take a seat in a rocker and watch the activity below. The firepit area, hot tub, and dining area provide many destinations and a backyard wrap-around-seat-wall accommodates many other guests. Like a turn on the trampoline? You got it. Or maybe a leisurely spell on the loungers – nothing like a  little R&R.

As you tour the property you’ll see the synthetic lawn throughout. Easy, breezy, backyard maintenance for years.


Louvered Awnings do more than just ‘Get Your Shade On’ in landscape design. They give protection from both sun and rain. Most Outdoor Living spaces have a covered structure or pergola. Having a louvered awning that can open and close at the push of a button gives you the best of all worlds in your backyard. With Portland weather, sunny one minute, rain the next, with a quick push of a button, it gets you covered without sacrificing your outdoor time.

The Kamrats chose this easy-glide awning with louvers that open to almost 360 degrees and close just as readily. It’s pristine clean lines were a match for their modern ascetic decor furnishings amidst an all-natural backdrop of plantings.

A hot-tub fits into any setting and here, it sits right across from the sauna so they could switch it up or go back and forth. The sauna is a heavenly retreat for R&R and so good for what ails you! It’s back window looks out into the lawn, trees and raised beds. Ooh, ahh.

Or, choose a seat at the bistro table on the lawn (shoes off for wiggling toes in the grass) to get your dose of daily calm.

Looking Good Kamrat Family! Enjoy many years of relaxation in your backyard retreat.


Want extra cozy in an outdoor living design? Add a double sided fireplace to the plan. It has two-times the comfort and view space. Most of us when we see a fire – go right up in front to choose a seat. But, so does everyone else! By having two sides and one fire you can get a few more bodies up close getting cozy. Or if a couple wants a bit of privacy for a conversation, head for the other side of the fireplace. You’ll be in your own little world but still part of the group as you can see ’em all through the glass on the other side.

Well, that’s just what the Fuehrer Family did. When collaborating with the Paradise Restored Designers they chose a 2-sided fireplace to extend the outdoor living space in their new homes’ backyard. They also added hardscape, a large bar with barstools, and an outdoor kitchen. For extra fun and activity, they put in an outdoor hot tub to soak the days/nights away.

The stone used in the fireplace, bar, and kitchen matches the new homes stone-work adding cohesion – it’s perfect as you can see from the photos. The added hardscape also blends perfectly with the existing cement design. Throw in a dining space, some comfortable outdoor furniture and decor and voila! A new Family lifestyle and go-to spot a few steps from the indoors.

#5 Montre Resort Beautiful Makeover


We love the family AND this Swimming Pool Renovation on Bull Mountain in Tigard, OR. Years of solid friendship created a strong foundation between the Montre and the Dennis families. The husbands and wives enjoy sharing the banter, life’s challenges, business ideas, and the art of kid raising. Is it any wonder when the Montre’s moved into a new home they looked to Paradise Restored for a swimming pool renovation and backyard makeover?

To hear the family discuss it, the pool and backyard needed a serious revamp. It is hard to believe the upgrades shown here.

The outdoor living space boasts a beautiful swimming poolpaver patios, firepit, grill station, gas fireplace wall, retractable TV, no-drip overhead deck, and loads of outdoor decor.

We are sure you will enjoy viewing the restoration that shows off what outdoor living is all about. The Montre’s love spending time with family and friends in this amazing property with it’s many destination spots to choose from. Happy Life!



Enjoy the before and after photos of an outdoor living lean-to gazebo. Deciding on an attached or detached structure is the first question when designing your backyard remodel –  this fun family chose a lean-to style. It is a perfect fit for this smaller backyard. With a garage at the top of the slope, adding a wide stairway and tiered retaining walls created clean, classic lines.

The lean-to covered structure makes a snug living room with it’s gorgeous white stone fireplace wall and a large roomy kitchen counter at the grill island. The stairway offers a makeshift bar and adds 2 more seats for family or guests. Watching a game or favorite show on TV – chatting with friends – or shaking up a martini or two, this under cover space is perfect.

By adding a large dining patio, you can sneak in a second small table for 2 right near the ice chest. Corn hole played on the turf grass is another smart option of these homeowners. No worry about lawn maintenance up & down the stairs. Keeps all neat & tidy.

Easy access to the side yard is another important feature with river rock and stepping pavers, this is yet another easy to maintain area.


This Modern Backyard & Koi Pond is a head turner. A modern landscape design with sunken firepit, out-of-this-world outdoor kitchenpizza oven & bar, gorgeous lawn area with badminton court, spectacular atrium koi pond and . . . fun, functional modern furnishings. The design plan draws you in to be apart of the outdoor activities.

Whoops, we can’t forget the cool little nook under a side Pergola. Family loungers, side tables w/drinks allow family get together’s under the sun. Bistro lights over the sunken firepit light up the space. The clean lines of the fireplace wall are perfect. Outstanding in the space, two ultra-mod circular swings. Whew! These modern backyard dynamics create a ‘rich & famous’ atmosphere. Select a beverage out of the refrigerator, take a seat at the monstrous bar and absorb the ambiance.

Enjoy the before, during construction, and after photos shown here in this modern backyard. Perhaps some of the ideas will become some of your own . . .

It’s a Wrap! Whew! What a Review!

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