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Outdoor Patio DesignWith 2020 around the corner, homes with yards have taken a practical turn in the last decade – utilizing all the space in ones’ property. Those ‘look-out-at’ backyards versus ‘live-out-in’ landscapes have taken over and they’re here to stay. And why not? With busy lifestyles pressing down on us, when the after work commute is done, ‘relax & unwind’ on the patio for a little slice of heaven. Instead of reaching home to pack up the family and head back out – create a new lifestyle of heading out the backdoor. Invite friends over, spend time with the kids – yep, your family. Create your Dream-Escape landscape. Let’s check out the latest Outdoor Patio Ideas:


You got that right, food rocks! And everyone knows alfresco tastes better! Why eat out down the street when you can eat-your-heart-out in your own backyard? Make sure your landscape design plan includes a big outdoor kitchen with all the conveniences, or a smaller grill island with counter space for fixin’ bar-b-que. Don’t forget a dining space large or small or even a tucked in nook. Many are choosing bars/bar stools in the last few years. Pizza ovens also get a thumbs up for families who love a slice.

So many Outdoor Patio ideas with house-matching kitchens – pop into our Portfolio to peruse over 140 outside food areas!


Part of R&R is Having Fun! Backyard activities make a difference. Sports courts, putting greens, and kids play areas are for the movers & the shakers. Some are People Watchers enjoying the kooky antics of the Do-er’s. Board games are still popular too – especially surrounded by nature and friends. Don’t forget: hammock time!



Fire & Water features get a big thumbs up

Nothing like these two Stand-Outs – Fire features & Water features! Outdoor Spaces Gotta have Em. Oddly, some prefer one without the other.  Some like ‘Em both. Let’s take a look at a few firepits and fireplace ideas you might like to add to your patio . . . And a kissin’ cousin to fire, Water.


Pools Are Cool

For those who love to swim – yep, I mean really swim & frolic in the water – Pools Are Cool:

A Video is Worth a 2000 Words – right?

If you want Outdoor Patio Ideas, watch three insightful videos . . . with the Outdoor Living Guy.


Over & Out

There you have a big start to collecting feasible ideas for your outdoor living space.  Need more? Keep watching fresh ideas on our YouTube Channel.

Want an expert opinion? Our team is full of experts . . . we’ll send or designers out to your property to help. Contact us for a complimentary Consultation.



That’s a Wrap!

Hey Portland – Here Comes Fall & Winter!

Perfect time to start your outdoor Project!

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