image of pizza ovenCome and get it- Get your Pizza here! Smokin’ hot out of ‘your’ Outdoor Pizza Oven! Yes, we’re talking a wood burning pizza oven in the backyard. In the last decade, pizza ovens have become popular in our outdoor living spaces. 

image of pizza ovenWhats a wood-fired pizza oven?

It’s a brick oven consisting of a baking chamber made of fireproof brick, concrete, or stone. A fire is lit inside. The burning wood heats up the internal mass of the oven. Then it’s designed to retain heat and radiate it over an even cooking area.

blog cartoon of pizza ovenWith a wood-fired pizza oven, you can attain higher temperatures—approximately 700-900°F degrees (an indoor oven typically maxes out at around 550°F).  The radiant heat from the fire bounces off the inside walls of the oven and you get a crisp pizza crust and cut cooking time. A pizza from an outdoor pizza oven becomes a very authentic style of cooking pizza.  Delizioso!


The Gibsons’ love their outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven and top of the line appliances for alfresco meals. As you can see, a wood burning pizza oven fits right in. Many families have pizza nights where all join in creating and cooking their favorite pizza pie.

Another fun property with an all inclusive outdoor kitchen set up, Kimberlie Ct. Notice the pizza oven in the corner between the arched windows. This little lady has refined her pizza making skills and doesn’t have pizza any other way.


HOLD ON TO YOUR CRUSHED RED PEPPERS . . . Take a look at some other outdoor pizza ovens in landscape design:


All kinds of food can be cooked in a pizza oven. Pizza ovens are especially good for roasting meats and vegetables. An outdoor pizza oven is a great option for cooks that don’t want to be stuck behind a grill every time they are outdoors. Simply put your food in, set a timer and enjoy your company. Most outdoor homecooks don’t experiment with their pizza ovens. They bake pizza! Times they are a changin’! Get that fire going and try some of these!

OUTDOOR PIZZA OVEN OUTDOOR PIZZA OVEN 5 things to Cook in Your Outdoor Pizza Oven That’s Not Pizza

Hot potatoes are a great place to start your adventure with testing new recipes in your outdoor pizza oven. Build a hot fire in your stove using dry, seasoned wood. Let the fire burn until you have less flame and more hot coals, which takes about 45 minutes. Place the potatoes near the fire, but not on the fire, especially if you don’t have the potatoes wrapped in foil.

Pick up some fresh vegetables, warm the oven for about 40 minutes, wrap the veggies in foil and set near the coals

Cook salmon on cedar wood and slide the slabs of wood into the oven, and wait about four to five minutes.

Bake fresh bread in your backyard. The wood-fire brick oven makes a delicious crunchy outside with a soft and moist center.

Those are just for starters . .  how about marinated flank steak?

As you can see, pizza ovens are gaining popularity in outdoor living. All sorts of outdoor pizza ovens are coming out of the woodwork.  Such as this gas fired pizza oven in the Reser Property: Click the photo below to tour the kitchen.

pizza ovens in landscapes

For those who want the authenticity of wood-fired cooking with the convenience of gas there are many styles that allow you to cook with confidence. Some have top burner control for browning of pizza toppings and a bottom burner to control the crisping of the crust. This ability to change the balance of the heat means you can make any style of pizza and achieve perfect, crispy crusts. Other pizza ovens are both wood and gas burning . . . saving time while allowing for radiant heat.
blog cartoon of pizza oven

AND THE WINNER IS: Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

To cook the best possible pizza, ask the Italians. They’ll always tell you that if it’s not cooked in a wood-fired oven, it isn’t an authentic pizza. Every element that goes into a wood-burning pizza oven adds to the taste, texture and aroma of the pizza from top to bottom.

While some say it’s possible to make incredible pizza with any kind of pizza oven, an overwhelming majority say, “You can’t make a truly classic Italian pizza without a wood-burning oven.”


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