Outdoor Playsets for Kids

Today’s blog & video is all about Outdoor Playsets for Kids and hang out areas for kids in landscape design. Play structures with/without slides, kid’s hangouts, playhouses, boulder trails, trampolines, backyard campsites . . . outdoor kids areas – all a part of the landscape design.

This weeks video by Micah Dennis, The Outdoor Living Guy will share all kinds of kids retreats – away from parents and yet in your backyard. Places to play away from the adults – to come up with fun games and to invent the hide & seek type of activity we all enjoyed at one time ourselves. Playhouses can finish off a landscape design. Trampolines help us get our jump on. Kids need a place hang out on their own – let’s take a birds eye view:

Thomas Ninja Playroom

We start out in the Thomas’ ninja-equipment-play-room with turf flooring. What a great outdoor room to grow up with! The heavy-duty hooks in the ceiling hold numerous ‘kids play’ workout equipment and fun-toys strong enough for adults too. Add a turf floor versus concrete so any mishaps or crashes have softer landings. This is the best! The 3 boys in this home love it! Imagine the hours of playtime they will spend here, and they do use it. If they are not having fun in the playroom they scurry down the hillside to the trampoline at the bottom of the yard and spend hours there. Years down the line if not used by the kids as much when they grow into teens, this room can easily be turned into an outdoor living space.

Gibsons’ Backyard Fun Spot

In this private retreat, choose the relaxing comfort of an outdoor living area with a perfect view of all activities. A lower deck provides a kids’ social area. However, kids and teens do like to gather around the firepit. Near all the action, this firepit has custom wood seat walls for many guests to enjoy the firelight. It is especially nice to have the sunken spa so close it. Adults like to soak for a while, however, kids might have the tendency to hop in and out, hanging at the fire or goofing off in the in-ground hot tub. They can also run & jump around the playset. Lot’s of fun for all.

Dickson’s Family Focused Backyard

This Backyard Pergola family-focused landscape design draws you in to relax while children have ample areas to play and explore. Access from two patio doors makes toddler playtime easy for mom to orchestrate while taking care of daily inside activities – the custom fence with latch gates keeping both youth and dogs from straying too far. Later Mom can join in the fun – perhaps to walk the meandering pathway with unique boardwalk and rope bridge accent or to enjoy the child’s play area.

Some additional landscape design elements include: brick matching hardscape trim on circular patio and steps, brick planters lined with specimen plants, boulder accents, tiered raised garden beds and large open grass areas for child’s play.

Myer’s Backyard

For kids and young adults, a sunken trampoline gets “oohs and ahhs” as young and old give it a try. Oh, the thrill of a trampoline! It’s ageless! Close to the trampoline, a two-level child’s play structure top off the many attractions found in this family-friendly outdoor haven.

Waxman Property

This roomy outdoor living area hots spots in front of the fire and a dining table to enjoy eating alfresco with a large group of guests. An added white iron bistro set adds an extra bit of charm. You may enjoy the aroma of fresh baked pizza while watching all areas of the landscape. Note the spacious grass area with child’s play structure allows entertainment for the young in clear view of the relaxing adults!

Dawson Backyard Kids’ Campsite

Across the lush green lawn and down into the woods – an awesome campground sits in a clearing offering unlimited hours of family togetherness. It is hard to match this ultimate in outdoor living . . .

Edelberg Living Space

It all starts with a desire to transform one’s everyday living space.  Extending that space out your door and into nature, you can double your living space.  By adding features that appeal to all ages you add practical living space that doubles your enjoyment. Kids like to play outside and yet, they love to hang with mom and dad. When you provide space that allows both it brings the family closer.

That’s a Wrap!

Outdoor playsets for Kids video shares great photos of play structures, slides, playhouses, tire swings, and kids play. Thank you for joining Paradise Restored for outdoor play sets 2020. We love creating outdoor spaces with kids in mind and we would love to help you. Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

We are happy to answer questions – help design/build your landscape renovations. Have you seen our latest landscapes in our Portfolio? Pop into the landscapes you are drawn to for ideas.

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