75 Outdoor Room Ideas To Help Get Your Design On

Paradise Restored is all about Outdoor Living.  We eat, sleep & breath it. Our Team represents Outdoor Living 12 months a year and we love it.  We combine talented designers with skilled craftsman . . . and whoa, Paradise Found, in Backyard Living Spaces. Outdoor Rooms that knock your socks off!  If you’ve been following this vlogger – you’ve noticed there’s a tendency to get chatty . . . hence: A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single photo.

Today, we are leaving behind the chit-chat and heading straight for the photos in 5 different categories.  Outdoor Living, Fire Features, Water Features, Outdoor Kitchens, Pools & Spas.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor Living

Backyard Dining

Gazebo in landscape

Modern Outdoor Living

Backyard Living Spaces

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living

Fireplace with TV in Landscape

Gazebo & Kitchen

Four Seasons Outdoor Living

Wowie-Zowie! What did you think of these amazing Outdoor Living Rooms? Want to pop in for a quick tour of the entire property? Click each photo to enjoy.

Fire Features In Landscape Design

Two sided Fireplace wall

Clackamas Landscape design

Let’s get a double whammy perspective on Fire Features in Landscapes. The Scmidt’s hillside landscape has double the pleasure. The cool design aesthetic follows through in both areas. And who can resist the Dawson’s double-duo: Window Pane Fireplace & Campground Firepit.  Looking-through fireplace walls are a treat in any backyard living. We love the look of the Ruesch’s dynamic duo . . . Getting some good outdoor room ideas yet?

landscape lighting

Landscape Design

Water Features Add Myriads of Ambiance

Warter feature in courtyard

Custom Inground Spa

Water Feature in Landscape

Waterfall in Landscape

koi pond in landscape

Pools & Spas

spa in landscape

Pool alongside River

Swimming Pool Waterfall

Inground Pools

Tropical Landscape Design

Custom Inground Spa

Custom Inground Spa

Hot Tub in Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Kitchens Bring BBQ’s & Food Fun

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Backyard Dining

Outdoor Room dea

That’s not all Folks!

For those of you on the lookout for ideas and must-have landscape designs, check out our Portfolio to find a gazillion more photos! Want a complimentary consultation – as in FREE? Give us a shout!

Wanna See Some Before to After’s?

We’ve got you covered . . . our Youtube Channel is the best:

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