Paradise Restored 7 Gardens of the World

Paradise Restored 7 Gardens of the World – is a showcase in the Yard, Garden, Patio Show – as one of the 7 Gardens of the World!

Sultans ParadiseUnveiled elegance begins this exotic vista. Urn fountains of classic beauty artfully complement entryway pools while Mediterranean arches provide the canopy. Compelling plantings with sculptural forms supply texture and height.

This warm, lush garden tells the story of a princess upon awakening – walking through the palace to the garden pavilion– taking in the beautiful view– then entering the brilliant sultan’s lounge to bask in the warmth of the grand fireplace while enjoying the tranquility of the fireside bathing pool. The atmosphere is subtle and elegant, yet vibrant and colorful. Engage all senses in this relaxing oasis.

Thank you for touring Paradise Restored 7 Gardens of the World  – we named Sultans Paradise.

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