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We’re talking – Best Outdoor Patio Covers (top 7 design ideas) Ready to get max-info on Patio Covers for your outdoor space? We are pumped-up to show off the Best Outdoor Patio Covers (top 7 design ideas) in this video. You will find loads of information and property photos showing off the Best Outdoor Patio Covers 2020 for your patio and deck. Attached Covered Structures, Detached Covered Structures, Lean-to Structures – we’ll show you how creative you can get . . . tucking structures in and around your home.


  Attached Patio Covers will keep you dry on the way out to your space. This might be why so many think they want attached designs. It is an advantage. But the disadvantage is that it keeps everything in one area and prevents you from spreading your wings into your landscape. You’ll want to use all of your property and create destination spots. By attaching it, it becomes another room of the house – which is good, but we’d like you to think of all options.

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Some homeowners choose detached structures with breezeways out to them. This keeps rain and weather away and allows more sunlight to the undercover space. Detached structures are a go-to spot. They are outdoor rooms with any or all amenities available. You’ll see many styles in this video and get ideas for your own backyard covered structure.


Lean-to Structures can fit any home – all styles work – modern, traditional – as long as they match the homes’ architecture and follow the roof line. You can have Lean-to Covered Structure, Gable Style Covered Structure, Hip & Ridge Covered Structure or a combination of 2 or 3. If you have a large property you can have a Dual Room Structure as well.
Let’s take it to the design process – a very important step. A design can show you how the structure can fit as an attached room. Or you can see how a 3-D designed detached structure works in your landscape. Again, it’s about options and fit. You want to blend your covered structure in with your homes style while utilizing the most space in your landscape. Space that has possibly been unused for years. With the right design, you can maximize that space for everyday living.


The important thing is creating a marvelous outdoor living space (with the right Patio Cover) for you and your family to use and enjoy for years to come. We are happy to help with a complimentary onsite consultation, a zoom meeting to discuss your options all over the United States, or even other countries. We are currently working on a covered structure design with homeowners in Spain.

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