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We’re not this city’s Paver Specialists just because we say so . . . Paradise Restored rocks Pavers in Landscape Design – Every Day of the Year!

Paver Hardscapes are one of our favorite design aesthetics. They add a wow-factor to driveways, patios, walkways and pool decks. Pavers look pristine with an added bonus; they last for decades without cracking and serious damage. Just a second, this blog is about paver care and maintenance, not our love of paver hardscapes.

However, before we go over some TLC tips, we can’t help but show off some of our favorite paver outdoor living areas.

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You homeowners are busy. To busy to stress over paver care. Don’t worry, paver maintenance is easy.
Cleaning, sealing and weed control are your main concerns.
Here are a few no-brainer paver care tips.


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Sweep debris and dirt from the pavers or use a small blower. Keep from blowing directly on the joints. Clear leaf build up as this can stain if left too long. Fill the cracks between pavers with polymeric sand, which hardens when moistened.



Wash away grime by spraying the pavers with a hose. Avoid spraying water directly into the joints, as it can disrupt the sand, especially if it’s regular sand. Pull any weeds




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Stains? Scrub using mild detergent with water and a brush. Test out the detergent in a hidden area for damage to the pavers before using it in a highly visible area. Wash away the detergent completely after cleaning.



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Seal pavers every 2-3 years using a sealant designed for pavers. You’ll know it needs sealing if water stops beading up on paver surface. Sealing protects the pavers from environmental factors and prevents stains.



Paver Hardscapes – Before & After

Thats a Wrap!

Okay, so yah, that was a bit sneaky. Showing off a bunch of our beautiful pavers all in the pretense of proper paver care and maintenance. We know the upkeep of pavers is pretty minimal. Having these few tricks up your sleeve won’t hurt. Actually, a little upfront maintenance could save you down the road.

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