There are many options when it comes to designing an outdoor living space. A hardscaped¬†paver patio is a beautiful, classic way to go. The hundreds of styles, shapes, colors and patterns offered by paver bricks allow for a countless number of patios that are completely and totally unique.While the upfront cost may be slightly higher, the money you save on upkeep is well worth the investment. When a paver patio is properly installed, it won’t shift, sag or separate. Make sure to do your research when deciding who to install your paver patio.

Find someone with plenty of experience, as it does take some skill to properly install pavers. You’ll also want someone with access to paver samples so you can make an educated decision when it comes to choosing what color and pattern you’ll be going with.

Paradise Restored enjoys designing for all styles and size of properties. Every project is unique and each property presents different design plan solutions. We look forward to coming out to view your property if you’ve been thinking about a landscape transformation. Please contact us for your Complimentary Consultation @

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