Deck or Paver Patio (which is best?)

Todays’ Q&A discussion, Deck or Paver Patio (which is best?) comes from a frequently asked question, “Should I install a deck on my single level home?” Many ask what kind of decking material should we use? My answer . . . no deck at all. We’ll show you three properties to support the answer. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Paver Patio VS Deck

In the first property, the Hueffner property, you’ll see a ‘before’ photo of a lawn with a single level deck that is level with the door. There is no reason to replace this deck, instead, a paver material is best in this situation. The transformation began with a hardscape surface and the backdoor opens wide out to an amazing outdoor living space. See the property:

Old Deck Replacement

In the next property, the Millsap backyard, it was all about replacing the old deck. The before photo shows an older deck on a sloping landscape with steps up to the doorway. It is common to put a deck out from a high door with a trailing yard, however, Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy explains a better solution. A raised step patio with hardscape material. It looks 100% better, at a lower cost and best, more usable space. The homeowners didn’t enjoy using the backyard as it was muddy, and the esthetic was a bit dreary. As to the sloping side property, a wall was put in place and steps leading down to the lower elevation. See the property:


Raised Patio Elevation

The third property, the Groves’ makeover, the doorway was significantly higher than the ground elevation. Paradise Restored designers chose not to add another deck in this situation. Solution: Two steps out of door down to an elevated hardscape material. We put a wall in with hardscape material to create an outdoor living space right outside the backdoor. Then, four stairs down to enjoy the rest of the landscape. This is a solution we’d like you to consider. See the property:

Before installing a deck  – Think Paver Patio

So, the question, “Should I Put A Deck on a Single Level House?” The answer is: We would never recommend putting a deck on a single level property. With good design, you can make a better choice to create an outstanding outdoor living space.

It’s a wrap! Thanks for watching our Q&A video: Deck or Patio (which is best?). Until next time, Get outside Friends . . . and thanks for stopping in!

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Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services – Landscape Blogger


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