Pavers Versus Concrete in Landscape Design

It’s no secret when looking over our website – we are partial to pavers versus concrete in landscape design. We find pavers are a practical and attractive option for patios, pathways, driveways and pool surrounds. It is still up to debate  – regardless of our preference as both are durable, affordable and look great in a landscape. Our choice is two thumbs up for Pavers! And here is why:


  • Create your own unique design
  • Long term – most cost effective
  • Variety of styles – natural stone, marble, slate, brick
  • Decades of life expectancy
  • No cracking
  • 3 times stronger than poured concrete
  • Immediate use – no wait time for curing
  • Easily added onto in future
  • If underground repairs are necessary a seamless fix is possible
  • Not slippery unless sealed, rarely done around pools


  • If not installed properly they may settle and move over time
  • Weeds may grow between pavers unless a polymeric sand is used
  • There can be variations in color of the product.

Please enjoy some of Paradise Restored’s paver designs in many styles & colors:

STAMPED CONCRETE – In Landscape Design


Stained Concrete to Blend into Landscape Design


  • Many stamp patterns are available
  • Wide variety of colors – a base color and surface color giving a stamped look
  • Mimic other materials like slate, flagstone, or brick at a better cost than the natural material
  • Stamped concrete is sealed protecting it from the element such as with a pool surround
  • Considerations:It will crack – it is concrete and it will crack!
    • If more than one truck load is needed there is no guarantee the colors will match
    • Sealer needs to be reapplied every 2-3 years
    • Surface can be slippery
    • Cracks do not fix well – hard to find a good match
    • Stamped concrete if cracked is extremely hard to fix due to color/pattern match.This blogger feels a bit guilty of so obviously promoting pavers over stamped concrete but let’s face it, pavers provide a more aesthetic alternative and the positives outweigh the negatives.Please enjoy more paver options in our Portfolio of works . . .


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