Walk-Out Dry

Hi Guys – a little Tuesday tip for you. How to Walk-Out to your detached structure and stay Dry!  This pergola breezeway has a polycarbonate cover that allows you to step out dry while allowing all the daylight that was normally coming into your home. ‘Show me the light’ is a reality for some gazebo-type outdoor living rooms. It is a must-consider draw back when attaching a structure directly to the house.

A pergola breezeway allows you to walk out to your detached outdoor living space without worrying about sacrificing light, without worrying about getting wet. You may entertain, watch the game, wine, dine and hang out virtually every season in your outdoor living space without forfeiting the natural light. Let’s take a look:

Breezeway Connected to the Living Room – Living Room Connected to the Pergola

In our videos we’ve shown you each of these three kinds of structures; a breezeway, detached covered structure, and a pergola.  This video shares how they can all connect and relate to each other in an outdoor living space. This pergola/breezeway is attached to the covered structure and the covered structure to the pergola on the other side of the see-thru fireplace wall. Notice this pergola is open to the air and serves as an anchor in the landscape drawing you out to it.  What a great spot to hang out – unless it is raining or if it’s a colder day. Some weather may have you snuggling up under the full covered structure with double fireplace wall and ceiling heaters warming up the outdoor room.

Staying Connected

So, the difference between the two pergolas is one has a cover turning it into a covered breezeway and the other is open to direct sunlight. In the construction portion of the video, the breezeway pergola – the waves angle back towards the roofline where a corrugated or a plastic cover (polycarbonate) lays and drains into the gutter.  This see-thru cover allows all the light to the home and best yet, you walk-out dry into your covered living space.  In the second photo see the transition from main living structure to uncovered pergola outdoor space. Both sides take advantage of the double sided fireplace wall.

Need Skylights? Not this time!

You’ve seen in our other landscape design videos where attaching the outdoor room directly to the home may sacrifice some natural light and skylights were put in. This Tuesday tip gives another option to have all the benefits of the covered space with the breezeway to protect them from the rain. It acts as a true cover over the entire bar area. Grab a barstool and watch a movie or the game with cozy ceiling heaters and the fireplace roaring. A genuinely nice destination for an outdoor living space.

That’s a wrap –

Please know this photoshoot was filmed during the Oregon Wildfires – 2020 – and we are sorry about the smoke  in the photo. The forest trees prevented the smoky haze far better than in most areas.

We hope you enjoyed this little piece. Thanks Guys. Thank you for joining Paradise Restored. We are happy to answer questions – help with all types of covered structures and spaces . . . Complimentary Consultation? You got it!  Check out other 2020 landscape designs in our portfolio.

Thanks Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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