Some Things You Just Gotta See – Like this Pizza Oven Install Video

Where: Portland, Oregon Backyard

When: April, 2019

What: Vesuvio Pizza Oven by Forno Bravo

Weight: 3500 Pounds

Why: Outdoor Pizza Pie for Years

Winch: Yep, We Used a Crane!

Who says the best things come in small Packages? Now that’s a front door delivery you don’t see everyday!

pizza oven installation in Landscape

Hey Team Paradise, smile! This is a landscape first, eh? 3500 lb pizza oven . . . Well done Guys!









The Neighbors get involved!

Yes, the neighbors were all-in to watch this once in a lifetime event! Well, quite honestly, the streets & sidewalks were closed. (Can you say, captive audience? Ha!) The power in the neighborhood was shut-down as well, so safety first . . . spectacle second.  Let’s see what was going on in the neighborhood:

This Ain’t our First Rodeo

At Paradise Restored, we know our pizza ovens, and yet, this is definitely a first for Us.  From the designers, management staff, crews, woodworkers . . . well, come on now, it ain’t everyday we see a crane lift a 3500 lb. pizza oven into a backyard. We give credit to the Fishel Homeowners. They went all out with their landscape design and in choosing the pizza oven of their outdoor living dreams. Let’s peek at the rest of their landscape, shall we?

Backyard Pizza Oven

Nice Job Fishels!

It’s all about choices and every homeowner has individual tastes and backyard dreams. In the Fishels’ outdoor living landscape, the pizza oven is an important feature and will be used for years creating many a memory in the process.  Why a pizza oven you might ask? Pop into this shoooort blog for a quick answer:

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Now You’ve Seen It

This really is a crazy but cool blog topic, don’t you think? Who knew? Now that you’ve seen it, are you thinking about your own backyard makeover? We’ve got the design ideas and plenty of practise. (see our 130 landscape designs) We’ll meet you in your backyard!  Contact US!  Want more amazing backyard videos? Our Youtube Channel is awesome!

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Stopping In, Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger,  Loving Summertime!


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