Plant Pots in Outdoor Spaces

Plant pots in landscape design make perfect decor pieces in your outdoor living spaces. They add visual interest to a plain hardscape as they soften the edges. The container itself can be colorful with subdued plantings, or vice versa. Boring entryway? Add plant pots. Top of the stairway, choose a matching set for symmetry.

Let’s look into how four of our homeowners used plant pots in their outdoor spaces to add  beauty and pizazz.

In the Cudahy property by the river, stone column planters were part of the landscape design. The gate entrance and columns at the top of the boulder stairway make a quite a statement.

Bigger Can Be better

When it comes to containers, choosing large flower pots and urns will bump up your landscape’s style. In the Kimberlie Ct property, large urns in cobalt blue stand out to enhance the upper and lower living spaces. An urn turned water feature adds style and serenity. Planted pots throughout the landscape add dimension especially as the space is pretty big. It needed the larger pots to balance it out. Smart homeowners, eh? The expense of larger planter pots is an investment that will be utilized for years to come.

Adding an Artistic Flair

These large containers act as Art in this poolscape landscape. Large urns filled with gardenias are breathtakingly beautiful. A garden urn turned water feature is a work of art. A mix of large and medium pots filled with a wide range of hues define walkways and boulder steps. Planters with plantings enrich a landscape canvas.

Balance and Repetition

Repeat a matching pot-look throughout the landscape. The planter pots in the McFee poolscape add flair to a fun outdoor living space. The tropical feel is elevated by adding a planter pot near the swim-up-bar-stools. These same planters add color before walking up the spiral staircase. Terracotta planters on the firepit seat wall show off rich tropical plants. And . . . the homeowners recently found 4 more of these terracotta jug pots to add into the mix. It’s a fun look, don’t you think?

Planter pots are definitely the way to go when deciding what pieces you want in your outdoor living decor. View them as an important element in the overall design plan.

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