POOL PARTY 2015! Summer Blog

As our extra-hot summer quickly transitions into cooler fall days . . . it’s fun to look back over the good times spent together – outdoors.  At Paradise Restored, we appreciate having great spaces to enjoy our friends and family while enjoying the elements of nature.  Shown here, one of our favorite hang-outs . . . with a pool party going on!

To begin with, boys will be boys . . . the fun aspects of this pool – the waterfall with underground slide . . . the dive and jump boulders are pretty sweet too! All ages enjoy this amazing water feature and pool-side hangout.

Even the Ladies Love Pool time . . .

Space For All Ages

It is important to have space for all ages . . . kids play area, firepit seat wall, hammock-time! And the big boys need time to shoot the breeze . . . Close to the fireplace and kicking back on the lounge chairs.

While the kids play and the guys hang out . . . ladies, let’s make mealtime! Get the grill ready! After tummies are full and dusk sets in – the kids find the spa and the adults nestle ’round the firepit.

What a beautiful night . . . thanks for joining us
For additional fun-filled landscapes, join us in our gallery of works

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Happy Valley Landscape

Water Feature in Urn


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