Who can Resist a Poolside Fire Bowl Design?

Say that 5 times fast! Welcome to a Landscape Design Reveal . . . 2019

Love Fire & Water? Fire Bowls Rock! You’ll love this swimming pool with fire/water accents! The hot tub bubbles away as the fire bowls flicker and the sheer descent water features pour into the pool. It’s even more beautiful as dusk approaches. Another jaw-dropping feature is the stonework diving board. Spectacular. Care for a dip anyone?

Got Golf?

After you swim your frustrations into oblivion, revive a bit by the roaring firepit. The hardscaped firepit island near the putting strip is just right for a game of putt-putt. Like to sit ringside and watch a match? Man-to-man, or ladies putt-tacular? Grab a seat to relax your stress away. Sunbather? Choose the other side of the pool to lounge and get your sizzle on! Or laze in the hammock, a quick nap might turn your frown upside down!

Movie Nights & Outdoor TV

The gazebo in this outdoor living space is huge and yet oh-so-cozy. Oversized cushions blanket you in comfort as you decide what programs you’d like to watch on the big screen. And, screen it is! With full-size retractable screen and projector you’ll be able to see the game from many spots in the landscape. Football fan? This TV screen view-room is the best ever! We’re Jealous! I dib one of the couches!

What Goes up, must Come Down!

Outdoor Kitchen Poolside!

A kitchen bar island and grill provides the bbq and appetizers; cold drinks are in the fridge. This is the place to be entertaining family and friends!

Want your dining experience al fresco? Easy. Sit poolside in this landscape and watch all the activities. Or grab a sandwich at the bar while checking out the game. Outdoor kitchens come in all sizes and shapes with many amenities (homeowners choice). Most important? Food at your fingertips. Grill islands, refrigerators, counterspace. This one has loads of room if there are too many cooks in the kitchen!

Choose your Landing Spot

Remember how it is when you arrive at someone’s home. ‘Show me my comfort zone’ is a valid thought process. ‘No Problemo’ in this poolside landscape design. One of the best parts about it – so many destination spots. Friends can spread out and choose their favorite place to land.  Take a visual tour of the property to see all the nooks & crannies and don’t forget to pop into the ‘before and during construction’ photos. Click the image below to see it all:

Fire Bowl Pool Landscape

DuChene Property, Sherwood, 2019

Photographer: Bill Burk, BE Burk Photography


That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for joining us for our 5th reveal of the season. We’ll never forget the amazing ambiance this landscape resonates with OR the start to finish transformation process. Utterly fabulous!

We’d love to visit your landscape to discuss outdoor living ideas – give us a jingle. Need more ideas before you take the plunge?  We get it, head for our portfolio. Some of you enjoy videos to get outdoor living ideas. Take in our Youtube channel to get up to speed with the latest in exterior design.



Until Next time Portland, Get Outside!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Design Blogger, Love me some Pooltime!

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