Arnzen Property Portland Oregon


    The Arnzen Property backyard Patio Privacy Wall becomes an outdoor living space with charming landscape design elements. Simple yet defined, the regal fireplace with privacy screen wall becomes a focal point resulting in a warm and welcoming environment.

    Fire features create harmony and enhance both private and entertainment use.  Combined with the gorgeous hardscaping and a colorful palette of shrubs and plantings, these elements wrap together for a balance of classical function and lush aesthetics.

    The outdoor living room has house matching decor making it even more enjoyable. A perfect place to serve appetizers any day or evening.

    At the heart of the neighborhood, these homeowners enjoy gathering together nearby friends and families to create memories of a lifetime for kids and adults alike. This outstanding outdoor living space is utilized for maximum enjoyment.

    Can you see a large group gathering here? At the fireplace wall, ot in the outdoor living room, or out in the yard. It’s a perfect neighborhood gathering space.

    One last thing, the Arnzen family is one of the nicest you’ve eve met. Two thumbs you to all of you and your enjoyment of outdoor living for years to come.

    Cedar Hills – Cedar Mills neighborhood of Portland, OR

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