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    Bauer Property – Landscaping Around Fire Pit

    The Bauer Property homeowners have ‘eye-for-art’ and an eclectic flair.  So when it came to renovating their outdoor living and entertaining space, they got busy being creative. You’ll love their choices.

    First, a boulder setting water feature on flagstone patio makes for a private retreat inside a retreat. The soothing cool flowing water creates a serene escape. Take a stool at the dining nook and delight in the playful sound of trickling water as you eat al fresco.

    As you relax in front of the fire in a split-level firepit wall, you can’t help but be intrigued by it’s artful design.  The stone wall with surrounding seat benches accommodates many guests. That is if they don’t grab one of the unique teak fire pit stools first.

    A large paver patio pulls it together. Add special plantings and style matching decor. The homeowners love of distinctive art pieces and matching teak tables  adds a savvy flair. It makes a perfect entertainment area. The Bauer Property landscape design renovation is especially fun and memorable.

    Thanks Bauers and Enjoy the Ambiance for years to come

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