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    Landscape Pavers – HOME WITH A PEDIGREE


    In the heart of the historic Alphabet District, this property at a glance has immediate eye-appeal. Sandwiched among apartment buildings in its trendy NW 23rd neighborhood – this beautiful home was once destined for demolition. Bulldozers idled in the front yard threatening to demolish this elegant Colonial Revival designed by the very same firm who brought us the elegant Portland Hotel now the site of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

    An active and progressive Northwest Neighborhood Association rallied to the rescue just in the nick of time back in 1989 and today you see the happy results. The historic Capt. Herbert Holman House (built 1898),is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

    When Paradise Restored began this landscape design –our approach to the design aesthetic was to preserve and enhance the historic era of the property. View the gallery of this beautiful restoration – the precision and craftsmanship – to see why Paradise Restored was the clear choice for the contract.

    Portland, Oregon

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