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    The Dolsby Property Modern Garden Designs has a unique look that draws you in to take a seat. When deciding on what landscape design element to add in a backyard with a quaint guest house, these homeowner chose a modern cement fire pit with clean lines. Set in a natural backyard landscape, the simply form with modular seat benches works just right.

    This landscape design boasts peace and serenity with its raised garden beds and plantings. Add quirky décor, a modern fire pit with plenty of room for guests, and lounge viewpoint chairs. Notice the architectural slab patio is the perfect outdoor flooring. The modern twist fits perfectly in this eclectic landscape and you can imagine guests surrounding the firepit on a warm summer’s night, eating appetizers and sipping fun drinks. It’s such an ooh-ahh landscape with simple style and big design elements.

    Nature can enrich our wellbeing. Caught up in schedules we sometimes forget to add the outdoors into our lives. By enhancing our outdoor environment, we can readily spend time in it. One would not think this landscape needed any enhancing – but like so many backyards, there is a considerable difference between looking out at it and living out in it.

    These happy owners were part of the design process and the finished design  is just what they wanted. Have Fun Dolsby homeowners… Enjoy many years ahead in your outdoor living setting.

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