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    Geunes Property – Firepit Landscaping

    We love this Firepit Landscaping design. Take a regular family backyard, where the kids play in a corner and occasionally parents go outside. Turn it into a family outdoor living space, like this one! It is a perfect example of fully utilizing the entire landscape space for outdoor family living.

    The Belgard paver patio wraps down the stairs and extends to all corners of the landscape. It offsets distinctive plantings in bordering flower beds. The dining and lounge patio is spacious. Perfect for entertainment or family gatherings.

    The focal point fireplace is magnificent with privacy screen detailing. With outdoor living furnishings making a cozy setting, this fireplace is a great setting to gather around at any time of day.

    Perhaps you’ll agree, this backyard space has truly become a landscape design masterpiece!

    Beaverton, Oregon

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