Parker Property Happy Valley Oregon

    Outdoor Kitchen Grill Landscape

    We love this Outdoor Kitchen Grill. The Parker Property landscape design is filled with delightful elements.

    A grill island outdoor kitchen with bar is a fun nook that’s part of a huge outdoor living deck. What a fabulous dining areas for many guests. Close to the outdoor grill, it’s handy and has an all-inclusive space.

    A remarkable pergola structure gives a touch of PNW Asian flavor to the design. Benches line the raised desk for viewing the lawns below or sitting a spell to chit-chat.

    A raised rock, natural waterfall spills from above down to a firepit patio off the back deck. It’s spectacular and inviting. It’s the heart of the landscape design and our homeowners and guests alike will enjoy many good times around it. Take a seat on one of the loungers near the flowing water to relax and enjoy the ambiance. I want a seat here!

    However, I also want a bar seat for a bit of sushi fun at the bar. As you can see, this landscape has many places to enjoy outdoor living.