Srinivas Property Portland Oregon

    Hillside Landscaping

    We love this Hillside Landscaping. The Srinivas Property homeowners enjoy their west side style home – with Hillside Landscaping. If you’ve ever been to the Northwest hills, you’d discover the streets tend to curve around the hills, often intersecting at odd angles and the homes almost seem to nestle on top of one another. Like this one.

    Our Homeowners wanted a landscape renovation to change out railroad ties for boulder walls. They knew this would provide a solid perimeter and enhance the property’s aesthetic. Selecting slate pavers for pathways and steps, front and back decking for outdoor living, then beautiful boulder retaining walls – this natural concept makes an excellent backdrop on this woodsy hillside estate.

    Nature can enrich our wellbeing. Caught up in schedules we sometimes forget to add the outdoors into our lives. By enhancing our outdoor environment, we can readily spend time in it. One would not think this landscape needed any enhancing – but like so many backyards, there is a considerable difference between looking out at it and living out in it.

    Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland, OR

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