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    Transier Property – Large Backyard Gazebo

    The Transier Property Large Backyard Gazebo has a tropical vibe with its Gazebo and firepit wrapped in palm tree decor. A large lawn gives the kids space to grow in.

    This beautiful backyard retreat is a walk down a pathway, surrounded by nature, and lulls you with its soothing stillness. Appeasing any signs of a hectic day, this stunning outdoor space becomes a place of refuge within its secluded boundaries. Getting away from it all doesn’t mean excluding friends and family. The outdoor gazebo and firepit area are perfect for entertaining or for spending family time.  The vast expanse of lawn adds even further delight with its open view of the majestic stars and moon above, And one more hidden gem in this escape into nature, a private retreat into a woodland alcove for a noiseless, undisturbed time with your thoughts. Captivating!

    Cedar Hills – Cedar Mills neighborhood of Portland, OR

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