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    Wood Property – Small Backyard Landscaping

    The Wood Property – Small Backyard Landscaping shows how backyards can become havens for families throughout the year. They provide family relaxation space with elements of nature while doubling as entertaining space for friends to gather. Keeping a lush lawn in the front landscape, these perceptive homeowners created a large outdoor multi-purpose room with their backyard landscape design plan.

    For hardscaping, they chose architectural slabs that are naturally inviting and yet a perfect medium for tricycles and training wheels. Backyards are for kids too! And their daughter loves to wind down, around and through the patio on her trike or scooter. The seamless slabs have less friction to ride on and the safety of the backyard is incomparable to street play.

    Adding a seat wall that extended from the gazebo down the entire length of the landscape adds endless seating for EVERYTHING . . . playmates, game areas, or even lunch spots. While ultra functional, the seat wall also becomes a retaining wall for a bi-level landscape effect and the flower garden and plantings are the backdrop for all activities. A cool path for kids-play winds through the trees in the corner.

    Positioning the grill with utility table at the far end of the seat wall allows for a more open arrangement with plenty of space for groups to form. Guys chat at the grill and the ladies mingle and prepare bar-b-que fixings.

    In a neighborhood of backyards in close proximity, location of the gazebo gives extra privacy. Also, aligning it with the back screen door, the ambiance of the fireplace may be enjoyed through windows.  The lure of the fireplace draws all ages and this one is especially enticing.

    As you can see, this standard-but-a-bit-narrow backyard was transformed into a useful multi-purpose outdoor family room with endless hours of happy memories ahead.

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