Blog CartoonPortland Landscape Reveal proudly shares our latest landscape and we give it 3 Thumbs Up!! We’re talking exterior design that takes a small yard and makes it roomier with a few Oh-So-Original Ideas.

“Pats on the back’ for Team Paradise

1) Make it an A-Frame Wood Structure. Maintain natural light and openness while covering guests and firepit from weather changes. Go-the-distance seat walls make year round seating easy.

2) Whatcha’ gonna do with a narrow side yard? Create a practical use with a fun and functional putting green.

3) Whining for a garden won’t make it happen if there’s no space. Rethink traditional plots – add raised garden beds. The beds become part of the design and it’s easier on the back to tend to your garden.

Let’s take a look at the finished property, shall we? Click the photo to view it.

Hirselj Property

Portland Landscape Reveal Before Photos

It is amazing to see these ‘before’ photos of the property. You can see how effective a design plan is in this landscape.  It seems as if the ‘After’ has twice the space. Plenty of outdoor destinations for family and friends.

Video Time:

Grab the popcorn! Just Kidding. These videos are less than a minute but show off the After landscape in its best light! Action!

We get invited into the Landscape

Rarely do we get invited into our homeowners’ landscape. However, this time we had an invitation! Knowing we were planning to take some photos, he invited us to stay and watch the Swifts in the schoolyard across the street. Thanks Dan! So, the Outdoor Living Guy packed up the family to “Swift Watch” and enjoy the reveal landscape.


Our Photographer Rocks

Our photographer, Bill Burk, happily caught the phenomenon on film. We are happy to share it.

Swift Watch. — filed under: Festival. When: Sep 01, 06:00 PM to Sep 30, 08:00 PM. Join us on the lawn evenings in September at Chapman School. It’s a spectacular display of Vaux’s Swifts gathering to roost in the school’s chimney.




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Until next time Portland, Get Outside!

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