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Portland Rock Retaining Walls

Not only are Portland Rock Retaining walls a very functional part of the landscape, retaining walls are popping up outside homes around the Portland areas. With homes being built on hills for better views, it becomes necessary to add retaining walls. These  create level lawns and patios. Also, it’s important to hold the earth back from your home. It is also increasingly common to add retaining walls for the classic yet modern look they add to the landscape.

Split Level Landscape

Adding a retaining wall when geography does not require is a very common way of updating the look of your landscaping. Once built, you can add terraced levels, build walkways or add flowerbeds. To get a level yard or raised garden when your house is built on a hill, you will need to add a retaining wall. Usually, some form of drainage is necessary to ensure there is no water build-up. Your yard will look very beautiful with a terraced look. Bonus, you will be able to grow plants and create garden areas more effectively.


Retaining walls can be built out of different kinds of materials. The most appealing is natural stone, but you can also get other materials like brick, concrete or a blend of these for your retaining wall. Another material choice is cut stone which looks natural in your landscape and thus gives your yard a very classic look.

The Build

Retaining walls are best built by those who understand the construction techniques. Proper drainage and understanding how the soil can be retained are very important. It is also important to build it correctly for years of use without maintenance. Paradise Restored can help with more information and a free quote if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area. Let Paradise Restored create the perfect rock retaining wall for your Portland home or business.

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