PRIVATE RETREATS in Landscape Design

What are private retreats in landscape design? Intimate nooks for one or two people to get away from it all. Making your backyard oasis comfortable, inviting, and perfectly matched to your needs . . . is the norm. Creating an escape space . . . private and peaceful, adds a little flavor. Want some down-time in the midst of a party? Private retreat. Have a secret to share with a friend? Private retreat. Need a little refuge in Nature? Private retreat.

Enjoy examples of intimate nooks in landscape design by Paradise Restored. A click on the link will have you touring the entire property.

A classic nook near the waterfall . . .Gibson:

In the Swigart landscape, follow a slate stone trail to privacy:

This little nook in the Bingham property is filled with firelight:

Up and away from it all at the top corner of the Auerbach landscape:

Like a private island for two, retreat from the rest of the group . . . Dougherty property:

The Petersen property has an incredible dry creek bed running through it with a reading nook:

Follow the path into the woods for total seclusion in the Transier property:

Cozy and comfy, this view retreat space is perfect for one! Zabaldo:

Tucked away in  overhanging shrubs and plantings . . . A PEACEFUL HAVEN – Ross:

Do you have the perfect spot for a private retreat in your landscape? We’d love to give our two cents worth! Please contact us for your Complimentary Consultation @

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