Raised Garden Beds are ‘Not Yo Mamas’ kind of garden

No offense to anyone’s mama, it’s all in good fun and raised garden beds make gardening fun and functional. They maximise efficient use of space to harvest veggies and flowers. In an age where homeowners are using their property as extended outdoor living rooms, “Where do we put the garden?” Raised garden beds are a smart way to grow the things we love; small space gardening with high yields.

Let’s go to the Beds

These photos show different sizes of raised garden beds with a similar feature; you can get to the plantings from all sides to plant, dig and weed. Creating easy-to-work-in beds keeps you from stepping in and compacting the soil. This allows root systems to thrive and creates better drainage. They also sit on hard surfaces to prevent excess weeds, slugs and snails. Observe these raised garden beds in the beginning stages of plant growth, in locations where they’ll gets at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day.


Yes! Good soil equals a good garden. That’s why raised garden beds Rock. When you fill your raised bed, you can use a superior soil. Google a soil calculator to determine how much soil you’ll need. Input your numbers and it will calculate it for you. You’ll want soil that’s nutrient rich with organic matter to allow the roots of your plants to grow. Your local experts can give you options for high quality soil. Don’t forget plenty of organic compost.

The Washington Property and the Rocco Landscape show off newly planted raised garden beds. Take a walk through their properties to see their garden spaces.

Integrated Planters are Mini-Raised Garden Beds

In landscape design plans, integrated planters can be used as mini-garden beds. Some will add shrubs, or grasses. Annuals may also be used to add pops of color. It’s your choice. Add integrated planters to your idea list for your outdoor space. They soften the hardlines of the hardscape and enhance the ambiance.

Why we love RAISED BEDS

Raised Garden Beds hold soil and moisture better than sloping ground and can hold more plants offering better yields. Small space gardens can be watered with irrigation drip lines for easier watering. They can be used as privacy screen beds shown below or as planter gardens. Made of all kinds of materials many containers beds are popping up in retail locations. The nice thing is, you can have as many raised beds as you like in your outdoor living space.

Raised Garden Beds in Landscape Design

That’s a Wrap!

Think it’s time to put this blog to bed until next week. We hope these photos have helped you see how effective raised beds can be in landscape design. Thank you Be Burk Photography. We thank Tara Nolan for her ideas for garden beds.  And importantly, we thank our wonderful designers for their amazing landscape design plans.

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