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Reveal 2020 – the Montre Property – A Resort Style Backyard

Hi Guys! Happy Photo Shoot Day – today we are going to show you a finished landscape featuring a covered deck and an amazing pool remodel, loads of hardscaping, fun destinations around the pool edges, a double-sided custom fire pit, and a smores-in-the-yard-firepit destination.

So let’s get started in a resort style backyard remodel from start to finish! Enjoy this video to see the transformation:

Homeowner Expressions – Family Feedback

Family shot - landscape revealHIM: “When we bought this house two years ago it was smaller than our last house and was a major concern. But we thought we could turn this outdoor living space into a part of our square footage for living quarters. We want to make it an all-season outdoor area with proper ceiling heaters and the fire pit blazing.”

HER: “Experiencing a space like this is something special for a family and a growing family at that. To spend and enjoy quality time with your kids as they are growing up. To build something like this and savor this moment as a family together.”

HIM: “So, when we bought the house, there was this little deck, I called it a Princess Leia deck. It came out of the master bath bedroom and it only popped out maybe three – five feet, a truly little deck. Not much waterproofing over the door as we came out it and water poured down on us if it was raining. There was also sand and gravel all over the yard, combined with the cheap little deck, and a swimming pool with a destroyed liner, we were in for some heavy-duty remodeling.”

Covered Deck with Outdoor living Space Underneath

OUTDOOR LIVING GUY: “Looking for extra Outdoor Living space? How about an upper Deck?  You can entertain with friends or enjoy it as a couple but that’s the versatility of a covered deck. I talk a lot about covered structures, but a covered deck is perfect in the right property.

There are many ways to do a covered deck. The one in this remodel is a walkable membrane – a PVC product you can put over plywood. It is extremely smooth and comfortable to walk on, is super clean looking with zero rain falling through to the living space underneath. Nothing goes through!”

Homeowners Expressions – First Hand Views

HIM: “So, I’m really looking forward to this football season and with Covid I didn’t think it wasn’t gonna happen but it did happen – go NFL! Now we can have a bunch of guys out here and we have this TV that’s going to drop down and we’ll be able to watch NFL games, be warm enough and have a really good time. Watching the game, having some guy time, or family time watching movies.”

Outdoor Living with Drop Down TV

Family Entertainment Space

“We wanted to buy a house that entertained the family and have all the kids friends come over. So when we found this house it had a sweet pool and we thought that it would be a great family activity. That’s when we got ahold of Paradise Restored and they gave us the awesome design we went with. That design was outstanding and helped revamped the pool. This is the first swimming pool I’ve ever had and I was worried about pulling the maintenance off – but after getting used to the chemicals – it is super easy to maintain. It’s really no problem especially with the liner, I’ve learned a liner pool has less maintenance so that’s another advantage. My kids are having a blast.”

HER: “We have some friends with health issues, and they feel comfortable being in our backyard. They are trapped inside right now due to Covid, but we’ve done social distancing out here and they’ve come over. The guys have a space to hang out and we have many opportunities out here for the girls to be outside by the fire or sit under umbrellas together.”

Custom Double Sided- Firepit

OUTDOOR LIVING GUY: “Custom double-sided firepits are nice because you have flexibility with heat. With the flip of a switch you can crank it up a bit and see how fast and how hot a fireplace get when you need extra warmth.”

This video might get you thinking about having a pool installed or you could find a house with a pool. That’s what this homeowner did they found a home with a pool it need a little bit of work and they remodeled the whole space around the pool. We helped them with that with a good design. If you’re thinking about remodeling your pool there are many things you can do. We can re-plaster it, re-tile it, even add a hot tub in the middle of it.

Custom Double-sided FirepitIt’s a Wrap!

We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you. Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We are happy to answer questions – help design/build your landscape space.  Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? See the before and after photos in each one and marvel at the transformations.

Thanks for Joining Us for our Resort Style Backyard – Landscape Reveal 2020

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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