Let’s Head for the Country – In a Rustic Outdoor Living Space

Put on your countryside personality and get ready for cozy as this landscape will bathe you in down-home peaceful. The rustic landscape design is filled with ‘get-your-calm-on’ ambiance.


It’s all in the Design Plan

Our landscape design team is the best in the City. We meet you in your current landscape and together we create your outdoor living dream-life. Filled with outdoor elements You want. Not like your neighbors, or Pinterest. . . Yours. (Just like the Stockers did for this incredible landscape.) Once you swap ideas and define details, your Designer puts them in a plan, as well as in 3D. The finished visual is like walking into your space before the first shovel of dirt is unturned . . .

They built it around their Koi Fish Pond

If you met Mr Stocker, you’d immediately feel at home from his first handshake. He’s developed this property for many years and is especially fond of his Koi fish. He spends time at the pond every morning before starting his day working on the land. The pond was renovated to accommodate their super BIG Koi and is stunning. Watch these 2 quick videos to get a closer look.

Homeowner Must-Haves & Extras

The first fun experience in the landscape, a long magnificent driveway lined with trees. Once in the large carport, you can head for the front porch to gaze out over grape vines at sunset, pull up a rocker near the fish pond to be mesmerized by the koi, or grab your favorite fur blanket chair ’round the firepit to watch the flames. All three?

But there’s more . . .

Whether it’s pizza & beer at the bar near the outdoor TV, appetizers in front of the fireplace, or in the mood for alfresco dining . . . step right up and take your pick. This little landscape has it all. And yet, an unpretentious feeling pervades.

Almost Done – Project Update

Just a bit of time in this wonderful outdoor space and you realize why it feels so good. It’s quiet. The sounds are of natural things, the wind, the crackle of the fire, the trickling of the pond. Try to imagine them as you go through the gallery. Click into the property: Stocker Property, Sherwood 2019, Designer: Phoebe Loconsolo, Photographer: Bill Burk, Be Burk Photography


Thank you for joining us in our 3rd Landscape Reveal of the season. We love these homeowners, their family and their property. We are excited to show it off and add it to our portfolio for all to see and enjoy.

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That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Stopping In! Get Outside Portland!

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