Wanna take a ‘Small Backyard Ideas’ Adventure? Let’s Go!

Small backyard ideas

Creating Cozy:

Here’s a fun idea! Create a cozy-corner fireplace-nook.  This wrap around the firepit with built in seat walls utilizes this corner space to perfection.

Small backyards are inherently cozy, unless they lack rhythm or rhyme. The clean lines of this design has plenty of rhythm, renewing the tired corner, it now looks spacious and inviting.

Before Construction - landscape designGone are the muddy pathways and stick- something-in-the-corner plantings. The fireplace nook will maintain it’s pristine appearance for many a year.



Double-Decker  Yard

A small sloped backyard NEEDS idea help! First awesome idea, 3 copper spouts carved into the hillside. How beautiful is that?

This ‘Yard is on Fire’ with Duo fire features. A gas fireplace  down under and a wood-burning metal firepit on upper-level.  Custom-wood seat walls offers plenty of sitting room for guests.

Nice work Designers. This small space rocks!


Fountains of Youth

Small backyard ideas

What about a fountain to enhance your patio . . . without taking up a ton of room? Bubblers work, spill fountains and deer scarers. . . choose the style that works best for you.

Put it in a corner or on display.

Water features create a calming effect. They soothe the senses with their relaxing vibes. No wonder they seem like fountains of youth . . . Pondless Waterfall

small backyard ideas

Pea Gravel Patios – Who’da thunk it!

Privacy Screens & gravel patios

When you have a small yard, sometimes it may mean forgoing grass. Consider a  gravel hardscape instead.

At the top of a steep slope, this front-yard gravel patio is a win-win concept.

It fits into a petite space surrounded by custom privacy screens.

Combined with front-porch rockers, there are plenty of seats to watch the world go by.

Make Mine Like a Living Room

Outdoor FireplacesSmall property but want big fanfare? A back patio deck is all you need. Turn it into an outside living room.

Right through the slider you can create a space for each family member to enjoy.

This Mr of the house insists its a man-cave sports-watching room.

The Mrs filled it with house matching decor and insisted on kitchen, bar & grill.

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen







Hammock Time

Get your pamper on –

Even tiny outdoor spaces need ambiance. Make your backyard pop with a hammock for one or more!

Take advantage of fresh air surrounded by a good old fashion -naturescape.

Getting pampered means different things to all kinds of people, but, hammock time appeals to all!

small backyard ideas

hammock photo - Pool Party









Heavenly Plant Art

small backyard ideas

Backyard DiningWe’ve all heard the expression, ‘a little slice of heaven’ – right? A place where peace & relaxation hang in the air you breathe.

Like these small courtyards with hanging plants walls . . . plant-art masterpieces that engage your senses with their untroubled vibrations.

Pretty cool, right? Add a vertical plant wall to bring nature’s ambiance to your small backyard.


You Light up my Life

small backyard ideasBackyard life need a boost? Hang (romantic) string lights. Backyards feel pretty good  no matter the size. But even a small patio can transport you elsewhere with ambient lighting.

Mood set your outdoor dining area. Creative decor and touches need to be seen. And, Al fresco dinners are the best.

Or string them across your patio. You won’t regret the effort.

paver hardscape

Hot Tub Connected to the Firepit

Small space backyards can become big space entertaining areas. Like this one. A seat wall runs across the entire yard. Then, activity areas are connected by it! The hot tub is side-by-side with the firepit area, connected to the living room lounge area, connected to the dining table. A standing view bar at top of the deck  is Perfect for guys and their elbows! (ladies, you can take a bar stool – the view is still the same!) Smart Couple. They also put a synthetic soccer practise field and dog run on  the sides of the house. Such a funscape backyard.

A Little Bit Of A Whole Lot

Backyard Putting GreenOkay, so you are backyard space poor. But, with the right design you can be outdoor living Rich! Like this little yard in NW Portland. Clean lines and open flow of movement throughout, it urges you to ‘relax and unwind.’

Or Soak in the hot tub, sit around the firepit and grab appetizers, or compete in a friendly game of putt-putt. It’s got a whole lot of living space going on.

Maybe you are the sit and stare type. Head for the porch where you can peer, ogle and gawk to your heart’s content.

landscape lighting








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