STEP-OVER WATERFALLS . . . By Paradise Restored

Step-over waterfalls . . . By Paradise Restored

It’s no secret that water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world. They also help to reduce traffic noise by replacing it with the sounds of trickling water. Further, Nature’s bird life will be drawn in while pesky mosquitoes cannot breed in moving water. Waterfalls enhance the beauty of your property while increasing its value. Been thinking about a step-over waterfall of your own?

Enjoy some of our favorites . . .

Reser has elements that are big and beautiful. The waterfall feature is breathtaking and is a focal point of the landscape. A view patio overhangs the rippling water as it passes underneath the step-over stairway and down to the boulder falls. The majestic waterfall spills down into a pond at Gazebo level.

Kimberlie Ct has an elegant unassuming waterfall cascading from boulders at the top of the spa and firepit patio. It meanders down and around, spilling into a koi pond. A mini-patio becomes an island of peace and relaxation. Step-over the flowing stream and step into tranquility.

Morrow’s hillside waterfall is unique as it winds down and around the outdoor kitchen island into a serene pond.  A mini bridge is one of many step-overs in this indescribable landscape. Remarkably, the falls separate to either side to meet again in the pond below.

The Coffee property hosts a focal point waterfall near the spa patio. Perfect for muting traffic noise, it draws nature into the landscape. The boulder stepping stones create a step-over bridge and become a pathway to the Firepit Island. Lush green grass with river rock borders accent the waterfall beautifully.

Olsen’s vast corner lot with its waterfall hillside is awe-inspiring.  It makes a dramatic display of an otherwise grassy hillside. The falls spill down alongside a stepping stone path from top to bottom  . . . with step-over stones to cross the fall at one point. Additional dry creek beds accent the waterfall to enhance the design.

Lawton’s steep front lot was perfect for a waterfall feature. A front entrance waterfall with a boulder staircase was designed. The smooth boulder steps transition to step-over the waterfall and head to the outdoor patio. A great spot to sit . . . top of the falls.

Another front entrance waterfall is in the Dougherty property. The design adds the perfect touch to the front entrance next to a busy neighborhood thruway. The waterfall with its splashing and trickling, drowns out the road sounds. The step-over path leads to a private retreat for two.

One more front entrance waterfall we couldn’t leave out, Nyguyen. Designed inside the circular driveway, this waterfall with boulder stairway makes a dramatic first impression. The step-over feature halfway up leads to a private retreat patio.

Step-over waterfalls in landscape design come in all shapes and sizes

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