Top 10 Reasons to put a Firepit in your Landscape this Year

1) Firepits extend enjoyment of the landscape late into the spring, summer, and fall evenings! More fun-time outdoors!

Vancouver Landscape

Washington Property – Firepit near Water Feature

2) People are drawn to firepits for story-telling and laughter!

Lake Oswego Landscape

Dougherty Property – Firepit w/Seat Walls & Raised Planters

3) Firepits warm you up after a quick dip in the pool or hours of swimming!

Lake Oswego Landscape

Cudahy Firepit & Pool

4) They add an extra-fun element to your landscape design!  And they are gorgeous!

Happy Valley Landscape

Nguyen Property – Firepit with a View!

5) You can roast marshmallows and hot dogs – eating outdoors!

Rhododendron Landscape

Smores or Hotdogs around the campfire!

6) They allow you to be with your family – sitting ‘round the flames and talking together.

Portland Landscape

Firepit Patio With Lounge Area for Family Time

7) Firepits are perfect for entertaining – both young and old alike – and it brings the ages together!

8) Firepits can be right outside the back door – easy to get to after a hard day of work or play.


9) They last a lifetime and you never get tired of them!

Tualatin Landscape

Firepit w/Circular Seatwalls

10)Memories – so many good times with family and friends  . . . value: immeasurable!

Happy Valley Landscaping

Isn’t it time you wrapped your family around an outdoor Firepit?

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