Tree Time #3

Flowering Dogwood

flowering dogwoodOne of the most beautiful North American native trees, flowering dogwood bears pink or white springtime flowers, bright red fruits in late summer, and outstanding purple-red fallfoliage. An understory tree, it does well in partial shade.
Name: Cornus florida selections
Size: From 10 to 25 feet tall and wide, depending on variety
Zones: 5-8
Standout Varieties: ‘Cherokee Sunset’ has rich pink blooms and variegated foliage; ‘Cloud Nine’ is a floriferous variety with extra large blooms.
flowering dogwoodThe lovely, butterflylike blooms of dogwoods herald the beginning of spring, and the show continues into winter with the cheery spectacle of red fruits clinging to bare branches. Dogwoods are versatile trees that do well in full sun and moist soil or shady spots. Most feature fantastic fall color in addition to the attractive blooms.
Light: Sun, Part Sun  Plant Type: Tree, Shrub  Plant Height: To 25 feet tall, depending on type
Plant Width: To 20 feet wide, depending on type Landscape Uses: Containers, Beds &  Borders, Privacy, Slopes
Special Features: Flowers, attractive Foliage, Fall Color, Winter Interest, Attracts Birds

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