We love this Tuscan Style Landscape! The Folske’s created a Brilliant design-idea with the help of the Paradise Restored Design team.

Tuscan Style Landscape . . . 2019 Reveal #4

Click into the property and see all the nooks & crannies of this fabulous outdoor space. Don’t forget to check out the Before, During & After Construction Photos.

Tuscan Style Landscape Design

‘A Little Bit’ Tuscan Style Landscape Design

The cool-clean lines of this modern Tuscan Style Landscape Design creates calm after any a frenzied day. After all, our outdoor living spaces are designed to do just that, relax our senses.

Need a sweet little nap? Or a reverie under the trees? Hang out in the rope lounger and get lost in your thoughts. Bright sunshine or cooling under the umbrella, take a pleasant break – horizontally.

With so many other destination spots in this backyard makeover, it’s your choice. Want a happy hour appetizer? How ’bout crusty ciabatta dipped into lushious oil & vinegar. Take your seat at the outdoor bar to enjoy a glass of vino while streaming a TV program. Sports anyone? Or are you more of a couch kinda gal? Grab a friend to chit-chat near the fireplace wall.

Kids, head for the firepit! Popcorn, smores, beverages! Fun for all. Don’t fill up too much on junk food! Dinner is grilling! We love the grill island with extra counter space for ease of cooking, finagling plates and utensils. This out-of-the-way grill area is an outdoor kitchen daydream. Imagine being able to get-down-to-cooking away from the middle of activities while being a few steps away.

The appliances in this kitchen are phenom. Fridge, freezer, wine cooler, trash compactor . . . did I get them all? Oh yah, the kitchen sink is a must have outdoors. While entertaining friends or just a quiet meal with family, having convenience at your fingertips makes all the difference.

The Folske’s knew what they were doing when they collaborated with our design team to create this impressive Tuscan Style Landscape Design.  Enjoy all the memories ahead!

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Designer, Phoebe Loconsolo

Photographer, Bill Burk, BE Burk Photography


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