Under Deck Living Space

Under Deck Living Space is something we all know about but rarely discuss. Probably because of it’s unappealing aesthetic. Upper decks are built for views and entertainment while under decks remain unused and unsightly. Years of rain seeping through upper deck boards make the under space wet, muddy and undesirable to gather in. We’ve all been there, right? Walking out the door under a deck can leave you wet with rain and accumulated debris. Therefore, we usually duck and run to avoid this area.

Want to turn this unused part of the house into a welcoming outdoor space? Two words: Waterproof Membrane. Transform your Under Deck Living Space with a waterproof decking system to create a waterproof living space.  Okay, now we’re talking. The Keller Property shows how cozy an under deck space can be. No drippy water from above in this welcoming setting.

Under Deck Living Space

Under Deck Living Space exemplified

Like a few examples? An A+ goes to our design and construction teams when they tackled the McFee Property under deck transformation. Turning a unutilized under deck into an outdoor kitchen galley, bar and grill station, and hang out spot with all the bells and whistles. The length of this under deck was being wasted. Now, from one end to the other, it is loaded with outdoor living amenities and function.  The installation of custom wood panels on wall and ceiling is the ultimate enhancement.  Check out these before, during and after photos:

Okay, you’re right. That was a massive under deck renovation. Let’s look at a smaller version. The Seiple Property design plan was to add function to the space under the large sun deck. An outdoor living room and fireplace wall with full length kitchen and grill was designed. What a cozy spot to enjoy on a rainy afternoon. These homeowners wanted a covered room for rain or for shine. With a hot tub in the landscape, it’s always a good idea to have a warm fireplace and heat lamps to warm up the soakers.

Underdeck Systems are Catching On

“Outdoor Living” terminology began trending a decade ago and isn’t fading. It remains at the top-of-the-list for landscape trends.  The area under an existing deck is a natural place to create an Outdoor Living Space. When we install an underdeck system, we confirm that your deck is level. This allows us to correctly set the pitch lines ensuring water will drain away from your new under deck room. We consider trim, gutters and downspouts, and support braces. The final step of the install is putting in the ceiling panels and adding custom features such as lighting, fans, heat lamps or speakers.

Extending the Under Deck Out

Another great idea is to add onto a smaller Under Deck and take it way out into the landscape. This grill station near the backdoor of the Washington Property made easy access to the indoor kitchen. By adding an attached covered structure to the under deck, it increased outdoor living space. Two pergola structures gave even more ambiance covering the Dining Room and Hot Tub. The family loves day and night activity all year round.

Increased Home Value

You can increase your living and entertainment space simply by adding an under deck living room. Have we convinced you to use this unused part of your home yet? There or so many options and ideas for designing the perfect under deck space for you and your family. And, it’s an additional enticement for future home buyers. Can you say increased home value?

Double Deck, Outdoor Space Below

One last look at a home on a hillside with two upper decks. The Zabaldo‘s wisely finished their landscaping by adding a finishing touch; an outdoor entertainment space.  Notice how the hillside becomes a playground for the kids, a fire pit, and outdoor grill bar island with a view. On top of that, they threw in a custom built inground spa. Dazzling, don’t you think?


Pretty Spectacular under deck living space, eh? Take a walk through the Zabaldos portfolio and see how comfortable the space is. Driving in your neighborhood we’re sure you’ll see many under decks that are waiting to be put to good use. Or maybe you have one of your own. Like some ideas? Contacting us for a complimentary consultation @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

Or stop by our Portfolio @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/   it is full of useful ideas and beautiful designs.



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