Water Fountains in Outdoor Spaces

water fountainWith 2019 right around the corner, ‘Times They Are A-Changin.’  Changes in landscape design are Outdoor Living rooms homeowners are adding to their properties.  Yes, another room of the house, outside, turning unused backyards into functional living space. These outdoor rooms are copycats to indoor living with one exception. How many indoor rooms have Water Fountains?

Soothing, running-water appeals. The relaxing sound is therapeutic. Add the visual appeal, it becomes a stunning feature. And no, it doesn’t need to be an elephant in the room. Subtle almost works better in Water Fountains. How about a little show and tell. Can you imagine any of these water fountains in your Outdoor Living space?

Trickling Down And Around

Choosing a smooth surface like an urn creates more of a trickling sound as a sheet of water slips down the surface. Or in the Stice courtyard, faucets stream into  picture-perfect urns adding the sounds and visual style desired.

Sheer Descents

Another way to harness water is in a clear arc, a sheer descent stream. This hillside water fountain in the Schmidt’s outdoor living space is an excellent example. Sheer descent fountains elevate water features as they stream into spas or pools. The look adds an aesthetic that captivates.

Calming Qualities Bubble Down

Of course, bubblers are part of a Water Fountain show and tell. They provide a subtle background score to outdoor chit-chat. Make them a focal point or fit them in small, out-of-the-way spaces. You’ll find their relaxing vibes are charismatic.

Bamboo Water Fountains Evoke Peacefulness

Bamboo water features, known as a “deer scarer” combines sound and motion to create a compelling water fountain.

Water Fountain styles run from classical to contemporary, with the design speaking to more than aesthetics. The architecture determines the water flow and the music it creates. In any case, you’ll want to seriously consider adding a water fountain to your outdoor living area.

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