Isn’t it Time for Your Waterproof Deck?

Many homes have a Deck. Very few decks are waterproof though. Waterproofing your deck could be the best way to create an Outdoor Living Space for your Outdoor Area. Under your waterproof deck you can create all of the traditional Outdoor Living highlights. You can create an Outdoor Fireplace, an Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Bar, really almost any Outdoor Living feature you can think of. This quick and informative video from Micah Dennis, The Outdoor Living Guy will give you a few Waterproof Deck options: 

Trex RainEscape

We use the Trex RainEscape to create many of our Outdoor Living Spaces under Decks. The results are beautiful underdeck living spaces. The Trex Rain Escape is pretty easy to install but does require that the top deck boards be removed prior to installation of the Trex RainEscape. This system has built in gutters as you will see in the video. Here you see three property under-decks with the Trex RainEscape system:

PVC Deck Membranes

We also use PVC Deck Membranes. These Membranes could be walkable or under the deck itself. The advantage of the walk-able PVC Membranes is the expense. You would not need to do anything on top of the membrane like deck boards or solid surface.

Aluminum Waterproof Ceiling

Another Deck Ceiling is the Aluminum Waterproof Ceiling. These would be my least favorite system although they may be the best system for the budget. Check out this video for a lot of Underdeck Outdoor Living Ideas. We even have a page on our website dedicated to Waterproof Underdeck Living Space Ideas…

Two Spaces – Upper & Lower

“Another thing I want to say about creating an Underdeck Outdoor Living Space is you really create two spaces. One on top of the deck and one under the deck. This really gives you two unique spaces for really the price of one.”

Thanks for joining us for Deck Outdoor Living Space Under Deck IDEAS (Waterproof Cover). We are happy to answer questions – help design/build a unique Underdeck Outdoor Living Space in your landscape. Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our portfolio?



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