Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

You Know Why!

DYI Landscape Makeovers ARE NO cakewalk!

Shouldering a landscape-reno is a daunting task. Why hire a landscape designer? They know what they’re doing.

From the first step in your landscape they visualize it’s potential . . . as in: see things you’d only dream of. Would you hire a landscaper who said it was his first project? Probably not. So instead of ‘cutting your teeth’ on a project of this scope, let the professionals execute it. Don’t worry, you’ll be working alongside these seasoned pros to create a masterpiece with your name all over it!

Expertise Counts – Let Us Count The Ways

  • Stress Diffuser – Hey, construction is tough. Choosing a Pro Cushions You in Confidence
  • Must Have Design Plan – Site Analysis, Preliminary Design, Homeowner Revisions, Final Master Plan
  • Credentials – Accredited Landscape Design Degrees, Memberships in Professional Organizations
  • CCB Licensed Contractor – Earth Moving, Wall Building, Fire & Water Feature Construction

About Hiring a Landscape Designer

Get your ducks in a row. Grab ideas (our portfolio is full of them) and decide your outdoor living must haves. Bring professionals to your property to find the right fit. Make sure they offer innovative ideas during the initial walkthrough. Check out their past projects to verify they are legit. Seriously, you’ll be able to tell if they walk-the-walk or they’re just all-talk.

Know Your Budget Beforehand. The goal is to help you get the results you want within your budget. Clear communication regarding the estimated cost of the project and your budget is essential. Is there a cost for both the design and the installation? These experts will have creative ways to utilize your budget without compromising style. It comes down to hardscapes and pathways, fire and water features, decks or patios, and covered structures; your first-on-the-list must haves and elements you want to splurge on.

Wait A Minute, How Long is the Process?

Landscape design build is just that… a construction process. It takes time to design and install a landscape.

Realistically, it depends on the size and scope of the project. Ask for an estimated range for project completion . . . then hold your horses! Yes, you want to enjoy your new landscape, but keep in mind that skilled installation of hardscape, custom woodwork and elements takes time. Unanticipated design changes may come up mid-project. A beautiful finished landscape is the common goal of all concerned.


Talk About Beautiful Projects! May We?

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That’s a wrap Portland – Hire a Landscape Designer – You’ll be Glad You Did!

Until next time Portland, Get Outside

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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