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Hi Guys, got a comfy seat to settle into? ‘Cuz your about to see some DyNoMITE YouTube Landscape Design videos. These How-to’s, Design Ideas, Before & Afters, all kinds of destination spots in backyards – well, lets just call it “the works” in landscape design – represent a good year for Us – Team Paradise. Here we go . . .

2018 Re-cap . . . Oh yeah, from the Outdoor Living Guy

How-To’s  & Product Reviews

What’s on the Menu? The 5 most commonly asked questions about outdoor living, pergola’s, winter construction info, backyard sport’s courts, composite decking pros, which fireplace is right for your backyard, 15 essentials for outdoor kitchens, automatic shade info, a crane-lifted-pizza-oven installation, DYI movie screen set-up, slab-steps review, grill island kitchens, and sauna product review. Whew, sounds like too much to handle, eh? Select what interests you. If you are planning on starting a landscape design of your own, these videos tell & teach you what you might like as part of your backyard experience. Watch one or all!

blog cartoonIt All Starts With a Design Plan

We absolutely have the best-in-the-west design team. They guide your dream-yard visions in the right direction. Being landscape experts, they have fabulous ideas and even better credentials and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty!  A meet-me-in-your-landscape consultation is standard procedure to facilitate planning your outdoor retreat. Here are a couple of video’s regarding this important step. Also, an HGTV nominee our design team & crews were a vital part of . . .

FINALE 2019 –


This Landscape Blog shows off the all the properties with photos and YouTube videos . . . You can decide which one Catches-Your-Eye and watch the corresponding video. Then watch our 2019  Wrap-Up-Re-Wind below! Didn’t I say to grab a comfortable seat! It’s like a movie-marathon!

All Work & No Play . . . makes No One Happy!

Info Overload? Me Too!

For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio

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Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

It’s a Wrap!

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